Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afghan Progress

I have finished the first pattern row for the afghan I'm making for my niece. This is the infamous blanket of the counting and re-counting and counting and re-counting and more re-counting. Here are some pictures of it laid out on the queen-sized bed (long-ways -- It will hang off the sides of a full-sized bed. In order to get a picture that shows the whole thing I'd either need a lower bed, cleaner floor, taller wife (she took the pictures, being taller than me), or wide-angle lens. Given the chances of getting any of those requirements, instead imagine that there are three full squares with the poinsettia in the center. At the edges there are three of those columns of spaces and a solid double-crochet border. I'm very happy with it.

At this point I've used just under 3 skeins of yarn and I originally bought 15 which means that if my original calculation works, I'll add 4 more rows of patterns and will have enough yarn. I still don't know if I'll put an additional border on the blanket. I think it doesn't need it but R wants me to add one. I'll wait until I'm done with the basic pattern to decide.