Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Shower & Blanket

This weekend we attended a baby shower for some friends who are expecting a little boy in the next few weeks. This the blanket I alluded to a few weeks ago. I got the pattern off Ravelry and enjoyed making this blanket quite a bit. It included more counting that I generally find fast but it was a fun blanket and it took very little yarn. I think I used two skeins of the lavender and only had to start a second of white to do the border (not in the pattern).

We had fun at the shower. Everyone was invited but I felt like it wouldn't really be ChocolateSon's scene. When I asked ChocolateSon's godfather if he was going he expressed relief that he wasn't (even though his wife was one of the shower hosts) and said that ChocolateSon could come play with him. Well, that sounded great to ChocolateSon who apparently has some sort of male instinct telling him that he doesn't want to go to a baby shower (plus which I told him it would be boring and he would have to be quiet). He did get offended at the idea that men aren't necessarily welcome at all baby showers but I think that was a matter of principle. It sounds like J and ChocolateSon had a great time and played chess and other games. Later we were in the car talking about J babysitting and ChocolateSon interrupted to say that he thought he babysat J. So we asked why. As it turns out, he figured that since he went to J's house, he was babysitting him.

Anyway, the shower was lovely and the house was just fantastic. We walked in the door, took a look around, and ChocolateWife said, "Oh. I'm so glad ChocolateSon isn't here." Lots of breakable stuff.