Monday, October 31, 2011

Running 10/24 - 10/30

I felt pretty good about last week's runs.  A combination of not being on a training plan and having some more flexible time last week gave me a few medium long runs. 

Monday - I ran in the afternoon because it was really really foggy for most of the morning and I don't like running on the country roads unless I feel like the cars/trucks can see me.  Either from the weird run time (heat) or from the long run the day before, my legs were pretty tired.  3.65 miles in 44 minutes (12:03) 2/1 run/walk ratio.  My warm up and down were 1.15 miles in 18 minutes (15:39).
Tuesday - Walking.  2.96 miles in 48 minutes (16:12).
Thursday - I had extra time because of a dentist appointment. So I actually slept an hour later than usual and then ran.  Depending on whether I believe the Nike+ or Gmaps-pedometer, I ran 6.55 miles in 1:11 (10:55).  Or perhaps I ran 5.6 miles in 1:11.  Or somewhere in between.  My walking warm up/down was .48 in about 9 minutes.  After a few miles, I felt really good and smooth.  It was starting to not feel like hard work at all.
Saturday - I ran in the afternoon after we worked on the floors and could really feel it.  My legs were sore and tired.  Still, I ran 7.37 in 1:37 (13:09) including my warm-up and down.  I tried 3:1 then 2:1 and then settled in at 1:1.  Even though I was very sore and tired, it started to feel quite smooth toward the middle and end. 

According to Nike+, my week (which goes Sunday - Saturday) had me running 29.92 miles. I would have gone another .08 miles had I realized but still, that's a good mark for me. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Week's Runs

Last week consisted of good runs on the days that I ran.  I just wish I had run more days.  Or walked. 

Tuesday - 4.74 miles 58 minutes (12:13 mm).  A good run in very strong wind.  I used 3:1 ratio run/walk.
Thursday - I separated my running and walking to see my running pace.  The warm up/down was .52 miles in 13 minutes (25 mm).  My running was 4.0 miles in 44 minutes (11:00).  I used a 3:1 ratio and felt really good and relaxed.  I was shooting for under a 12:00 pace and when I hit the button on my watch I read it as just over 48 minutes and thought I had missed the pace. It wasn't until I put it into daily mile and thought I entered it wrong that I realized it was 11:00 mm.  I'm very happy with that pace for 4 miles.
Sunday - 9.3 miles 120 minutes (12:54 mm).  I'm at my in-laws' for the weekend. The pace includes a warm up and down and 1:1 ratio.  I found a county road that runs about 2 miles each direction with very nice hills.  It's pretty constant up or down so it gave me some nice hill work that I don't get at home. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next Training Plan

My next race is not until February 19th which means I have some time between training plans. Again, I find myself in that position of many options.  If I choose to repeat the plan I just used (Jeff Galloway's to time goal plan), I could sort of ignore the first 5-7 weeks and jump in around the middle of December assuming I continue doing 8-9 mile runs every other weekend until then. 

I could also use the Runner's World Smart Coach program.  I put in my mile time and race date and it laid out a 19 week plan for me.  I don't think I would want to do a 19 week plan but I could do a 10 week plan from the Smart Coach program pretty reasonably.  I like that the Smart Coach plans show paces for each run.  The Speedwork days would be challenging but not impossible for me.  I'm very interested that the Long runs start at 10 miles: 10,11,11,12,4,12,13,13,13, HM.  I wonder if that would run me down. 

I know a friend who uses the Hal Higdon marathon trainng plan and likes it.  He has a number of readily available plans including 3-4 12-week HM plans.  And there are the Nike+ programs. I listen to a Podcast where one of the hosts just used the PRSFit marathon training plan.  So there are many options.  I definitely want a plan that will work with the run-walk-run technique as I plan to stay with it but beyond that, I'm not sure what I want to do. 

I think for the remainder of October and November, I'll stick with running 3-4 days a week and trying to get in a 9-10 mile run at least every other weekend with a medium long run on the other weekends. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LD's Birthday Shawl

I finished the shawl for my friend LD a few weeks ago.  The background on the shawl is that one day LD was at the house saying that she found a pattern on ravelry that she really liked but since it's crochet and she knits (she can crochet but does not like it), she was bummed. I said "I'll make it for you."  So she showed me the pattern and then a week or so later we went to the yarn store after a family dinner so she could pick out the yarn. She chose Dizzy Lettuce (a locally produced yarn - see this write-up).  I did not get the shawl completed by her birthday (9/9) mostly because I lollygagged about sewing in the woogies and blocking it. 

Ok... I'm having trouble moving the pictures around so...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Run Training Update

Yuck.  Not a very good running week.  I think I spent part of the time bummed about missing my Sunday race, part of the time having some stomach issues, and part of the time with sick kids.  Both my kids got colds and sore throat which meant missed sleep (more so for ChocolateWife but still...) and much misery. 

Thursday - I finally got out for a run while the kids took naps in the afternoon.  5.44 miles 1:18 (14:20 mm).  The time includes warm up and down (nearly 20 minutes).  It was hotter than I thought and I went from a 3:1 to a 2:1 to a 1:1 ratio. 

Saturday - 9.7 miles 2:01 (12:28 mm). I'm pretty happy with this pace since it includes 5 warm up and 5 warm down.  I ran a 1:1 throughout and had a very nice time.  The weather was gorgeous and I probably saw 40 runners/walkers/bikers on the trail as well as a hot air balloon (not on the trail).  I ran for a few minutes with two women training for the SA R&R HM before they turned north and I continued west.  I also tried the bar that I got for free in my SRJ race packet and it was yummy! 

Sunday - 3.27 mile walk 59 minutes (18.02 mm).  I was having trouble deciding whether to run or walk but since we tore out the carpet in a room and moved all the furniture around I was really sore so I just walked to stretch out and warm up my muscles.  It felt lovely and I picked up a bag of plastic bottles for recycling.  I find that when I pick up trash it makes me less mad about seeing it out there. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 15 Half Marathon Training

Taper Week:
Tuesday - 3.43 miles 45 minutes (13.01/mile).  Included warm up/down.  3:1 ratio.
Thursday - 3.75 miles 51 minutes (13:35/mile). Included warm up/down.  2:1 ratio.
Friday - 2.35 miles 41 minutes (17:26/mile) easy walk. 
Sunday - 6.2 miles 1:13 (11:48/mile).  More on this later.  My Half-marathon was canceled for weather.  In the afternoon I decided to at least do a 10K as if racing. I did a warm up/down separate and timed the 10K.  I think this is my best 10K time but I'm not sure that I've ever tracked one well before.  I did a 2:1 ratio which is what I had planned for the half.  It occurred to me that I probably should have used a slightly more aggressive ratio for the 10K as my predicted time would have been slightly faster.  My target goal pace was 12:02 so this was slightly faster although I don't know that I could have maintained this for another 6.9 miles...  Still, I'm glad I did something. 

See Jane Not Run Half-Marathon

When last we visited our intrepid half-marathoner she was ready to run.  She had laid out her clothes, food, phone, money, and sunscreen.  She had even gotten out two Ziploc bags - one for gels so they don't make a mess and one for the ipod and phone in case it rains. 

I was supposed to pick up a friend (online friend who I've never met) on my way and I texted her around dinner time.  I went to bed early and slept relatively well (much better than the night before my last half-marathon).  I woke up at 4:30 before my alarm could go off at 4:40 and got up.  When I got up it was raining which is very good news for the Austin area.  Really good news.  I got showered, dressed, and ate.  I had a text from the friend saying that she had made a mistake and wasn't registered for the race (she bought a Zozi special but didn't realize she also needed to register).  So I didn't need to pick her up but it was really raining out.  I felt very nervous but I think that's typical.  I wondered if I should go in the rain but didn't know if that was just my nerves trying to invent a reason to back out. I considered waking ChocolateWife but didn't want her to lose out on sleep.  As I was standing at the door with my pack on my shoulder, she got up and came out to say good luck.  I looked at her and asked, "Should I go?"

I felt that the latest I could leave the house and make it to the race was 6:15 and it was about 5:45 or 5:55 at this time.  So we both sat down in front of the computer to watch for tweets or e-mail or FB announcements from any of my online friends who were racing or the organizers.  One of ChocolateWife's fantastic suggestions was that I go stand in the rain for 5 minutes which I actually liked (I didn't actually go do it) because if I was miserable standing for 5 minutes, I would probably be uber miserable running in it for 2.5 hours +.  About 6:05 we saw a tweet that the race was cancelled. Then another and another. After another 30 minutes the race organizers tweeted, sent a facebook message, and e-mailed us. 

I was and am disappointed but am more happy that we got rain. I also got the benefits of the training. I know I learned and grew through the process. I know I got faster and stronger.  I'll do it again.

I haven't decided if I want to pick up another race this fall but I'm definitely racing Livestrong Half in February.

Half-Marathon Gear Laid-out

Here is the picture I took Saturday evening of all my gear for the half-marathon laid out on the table in the front of our house.  The picture misses my phone since I used it to take the picture but everything else is there. The backpack holds my clothes to change into after the race. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Half-Marathon Gear Checklist

The See Jane Run Half-Marathon is this Sunday.  The race starts at 7:00 am and I am picking up a friend on the way because she doesn't have a car.  I've started thinking about my gear list. So far here's what I can think of:

  • White Sports Bra
  • Short-sleeve tech shirt (which short-sleeve tech shirt as yet undetermined)
  • Black running shorts
  • New Asics $12 socks
  • Brooks running shoes
  • Hat (in case it rains)
  • 3 Gels
  • 1/2 Bar?
  • Recovery drink to leave in the car
  • Backpack with a change of clothing.
  • Printed directions to parking & friend's house
  • A little cash

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 14 Half-Marathon Training Program

I had an ok but not great week training last week.  I missed one run due to just not getting up in the morning.  The nice thing is that the weather has finally broken so I was able to enjoy some cooler weather. 

Monday - 3.41 mile/57 minute walk (16:36/mile). 
Wednesday - 5.4 mile 70 minute run (12:57/mile).  The pace includes 5 minutes warm up and 5 warm down and a 3:1 throughout the run.  It felt nice and fast (for me). 
Saturday - 5.46 mile 69 minute run (12:38/mile).  The pace includes 5 minute warm up, 5 warm down and magic mile of 10:02.  The rest of the way was 3/1 or 2:30/1.
Sunday - 3.86 mile 65 minute walk (16:50/mile).  A lovely walk.  I wore a long-sleeve technical shirt and actually tucked my hands inside the ends for the first half. It was wonderful.

Now I'm on taper week and looking forward to it.  I've got 2 runs and an easy walk and then the race next Sunday.  I want to drive the race course on Saturday as I am not familiar with that part of town.  My goal for the race is 2:35-2:40. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Magic Mile

I ran my 4th and final magic mile yesterday. I had hoped to do it in under 10 minutes and just missed. At first I was worried that my GPS was not working but it seemed to even out within the first few minutes of my turning it on. I think the mile distance was accurate. My magic mile time was 10:02 which is sort of disappointing but I'm also pretty pleased with my improvement throughout this training - from 11:22 to 10:02. I know that part of that is just learning curve but I think some is running better. My predicted finish time is now 2:37. That would be a 13 minute improvement from February so that seems like a reasonable and challenging goal.