Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 15 Half Marathon Training

Taper Week:
Tuesday - 3.43 miles 45 minutes (13.01/mile).  Included warm up/down.  3:1 ratio.
Thursday - 3.75 miles 51 minutes (13:35/mile). Included warm up/down.  2:1 ratio.
Friday - 2.35 miles 41 minutes (17:26/mile) easy walk. 
Sunday - 6.2 miles 1:13 (11:48/mile).  More on this later.  My Half-marathon was canceled for weather.  In the afternoon I decided to at least do a 10K as if racing. I did a warm up/down separate and timed the 10K.  I think this is my best 10K time but I'm not sure that I've ever tracked one well before.  I did a 2:1 ratio which is what I had planned for the half.  It occurred to me that I probably should have used a slightly more aggressive ratio for the 10K as my predicted time would have been slightly faster.  My target goal pace was 12:02 so this was slightly faster although I don't know that I could have maintained this for another 6.9 miles...  Still, I'm glad I did something. 

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