Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crochetted Cap

I finished making a cap for my friend A. Well, R finished making a cap for my friend A. My experience making this cap confirmed my belief that should stick to making baby blankets. Ok, baby, toddler, big blankets. I think the important factor is that I work in two dimensions. Every time I try to make something in three dimensions like a hat or elephant or sweater or whatever, I end up frustrated and re-doing a lot of work. I pretty much made this cap three times because I had to adjust the sizing so much R did one of the adjustment rows in the body of the cap and did the brim twice. I couldn't even stand to start the brim once. Oh, this cap is made from the yarn that is made partially from recycled water bottles so that's cool.

Anyway, it's done and I hope my friend likes it and that it fits her well. On a totally unrelated note... jeez do I need the back of my neck shaved! Look at that!

Weekly Workout Summary:

Again, not much. I started feeling sick toward the end of the week. It never really turned into much and I'm not sure if I fended off a cold or just had some allergies. I'd post the specifics but Google Calendar has been squirley all week and I can't get to my workout stuff. This week's not looking much better workout-wise so far.