Monday, December 26, 2011

Half-Marathon Training Plan Week 3

Training Plan Week:

WeekMonday DateTuesdayThursdayFridaySunday
312/19/201145 min run45 min runeasy walk11 mile LSR

Actual Week:

Monday - 2.28 miles 40 minutes (17:32 (walking)). I walked to get ChocolateWife a gift at lunch. Rainy.

Tuesday - 4.8 miles 57 minutes (11:52 pace). I found a track near work (actually a friend told me about it) and I reran my first magic mile. The time was 9:52 but it turns out that each lap was 4 yards longer than a 1/4 mile so I adjusted proportionally and am assuming/believing a 9:46 magic mile. Total pace includes 11 minutes warm up/down so it's a good pace overall.

Thursday - 11.25 miles 2:30 (13:20). I took the day off work to finish shopping and getting ready to go to the in-laws' for the next 6 days. I asked ChocolateWife when she wanted me to run and she said anytime. When I pointed out that it would be either Thursday or Saturday (in the rain) or Sunday (Christmas day) she said, run Thursday.

My target overall training pace was 13:36. Pace included stops for potty breaks, reapplying foot glide, and eating a bar and gel. 1:1 ratio.

Saturday - 5.74 miles 1:14 miles (12:53). I don't know about the mileage. It seemed longer but my phone wouldn't get a satellite signal so I had to trust Nike+. 40 degrees and raining for most of it. Chased by dogs. 2:30/1:00 ratio. I actually felt like after 2-3 miles I really got into it and it became easier and easier.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Magic Mile Redo

Yesterday I went to Clark Field to try again to run my first magic mile. It took me about 8 minutes to get there so I had done my walking warm up and a little jogging before I arrived. The track was quite nice and not quite oval. I finished 4 laps in 9:52 which is a little slower than I was hoping for but I'm also very excited that I broke 10:00 for the first time. After I got back to the office, I looked at the website and realized that each lap is actually 444 yards so 4 laps is just over a mile. (1776 yards completed rather than 1760). If I extrapolate, my mile time would have been 9:47 which I think is a pretty reasonable extrapolation.

Assuming 9:47, my training pace would be 13:43/mile and my race pace would be 11:44/mile or 2:33:48. Of note, my predicted finish time would not drop below 2:30 until I ran a 9:32 magic mile.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 2 Half-Marathon Training

Training Plan Week:

WeekMonday DateTuesdayThursdayFridaySunday
212/12/201145 min run/MM45 min runeasy walk6 x 800

Actual Week:

Tuesday - 4.15 miles 54 minutes (13:00). Includes warm-up/down. I tried to run the magic mile but had no GPS coverage so don't know mileage. Might have been 9:40 or more. I will try again next week on a track.

Thursday - 4.35 miles 51 minutes (11:36). 2 minutes/40 seconds interval. Very good run. Also did another .5 miles walking in 9 minutes warm up/down.

Friday - 3.15 miles 48 minutes (15:14).

Sunday - 5 miles (?) 1:05. 6 x 800 repeats. Goal time was 5:33 (assuming 9:40 magic mile). Actual times were 5:07, 5:06, 5:07, 5:00, 4:55, 5:05. I could have done more but trying to actually follow the plan.

Another good week training and fund-raising.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

First (Attempted) Magic Mile

Tuesday I tried to run my first magic mile. I used my phone/RunKeeper which I've done in the past. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and the phone (obviously) could not get an accurate satelliteposition. Why do I say obviously? I was pushing myself pretty hard and in spite of a previous 10:02 magic mile, the phone announced that I had run 1/2 mile in close to 6 minutes and 1 mile in around 13. Clearly that was not accurate. Timing myself against my Nike+ I got 9:40 but it occurred to me that 1. My Nike+ is not always accurate and 2. I didn't know the distance on my Nike+ when I started timing myself. I stopped timing myself when the Nike+ was at 1.52 miles but what did it say when I started? And third... I was running on some hills. They weren't major hills but they were hills.

I need to try the magic mile again. I found out that the track at the university is open so (even though it will be boring), I am going to plan to time myself there next week for an accurate magic mile. Nonetheless... if my magic mile was really 9:40, what would my race pace and finish prediction be? With a magic mile of 9:40, I should do training runs at 13:34 and do my race at 11:36 or 2:31. Wow. I'll be really interested to see about that magic mile and I'd be thrilled to run my HM under 2:35.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tracking my Water

A daily mile friend who is also the Team Livestrong mentor posted recently about needing to monitor her water intake better. I generally think of myself as drinking plenty of water but I also know that I could drink more if I drank less Ice Tea. On a normal day I drink Ice Tea in the morning (I take 14 oz of tea to work) and when it is done, I drink water. Lately I have been drinking tea when I get home and with dinner. The exception is that I don't drink tea within a few hours of a run or before donating blood.

Anyway, the mentor mentioned downloading a free app to track water so I looked at the Android marketplace. I tried a few apps but settled on Drink more Water by Firecracker. I like that there are 6 buttons to click to say you drank water and you can set how much each is worth. I think they defaulted to 4, 8, 12... 24 but I changed them to 2, 4, 6, ... 12. You can customize your goal. You can also add multiple reminders that pop up and say "you have only drank 12 of ... ounces". I set my daily goal as 80 oz but I also decided that if I am not at 64+ oz, I don't get to drink tea at dinner.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 1 Half-Marathon Training

Training Plan Week:

WeekMonday DateTuesdayThursdayFridaySunday
112/05/201145 min run40 min runeasy walk9 miles

Actual Week:

I had a pretty good running week although I missed one (walking) workout due to scheduling/sickness (more on that).

Tuesday - 4.61 miles 57 minutes (12:17) including walking warm-up/down. 3:1 ratio for about 1/2 time then 2:1 ratio. 37 degrees out. I have found a route near work/University that has some nice hills and a long stretch (.75 miles or so) with no streets to cross. I have to cross one major intersection to get there but that's the tradeoff.
Thursday - 3.98 miles 54 minutes (13:29). This included 20 minutes walking warm-up and five down. I was on a phone call and couldn't start running for a while. The running was at 2:1.
Friday should have included an easy walk but our weekend plans meant I would be doing my Long Slow Run (LSR) Saturday making Friday rest day.
Saturday - 9.5 miles 2:05 (13:09). A really enjoyable LSR at 1:1. It was 45 out so I wore a hat and gloves the entire time. My target by Galloway prediction should have been 14:00/mile but that's not a realistic target. I actually think that would be TOO slow unless I did 40 run/60 walk or something like that. 1:1 at this pace was quite comfortable.
Sunday - I had a sort of vague thought that I'd go for an easy walk sometime between going to volunteer at a race with ChocolateSon and going to shop for gifts with ChocolateWife in the afternoon. Instead the day consisted of the volunteering and both ChocolateKids getting quite stomach fluey and everything that entails.

After I posted my Saturday LSR on dailymile I posted a status update saying that I had run 9 miles and please donate $9 (one for every mile) for my Livestrong Half-marathon. Three friendsFour friends made $25 donations which I really appreciated so I'm not over 50% to my goal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Half-Marathon Training Plan

It's now time for me to start my training plan. I'm actually entering this one from the Galloway Training Plans book on week 5. The plan is the same as the "to time goal" plan on his website. I've been maintaining 9-10 week LSRs every weekend or every other weekend since my canceled half-marathon so I'm skipping the first 4 weeks on the plan (5 mile, 6 mile, 7.5 miles, 4x800).

WeekMonday DateTuesdayThursdayFridaySunday
112/05/201145 min run40 min runeasy walk9 miles
212/12/201145 min run/MM45 min runeasy walk6 x 800
312/19/201145 min run45 min runeasy walk11 miles
412/26/201145 min run/MM45 min runeasy walk8 x 800
501/02/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk13 miles
601/09/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk10 x 800
701/16/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk15 miles
801/23/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk12 x 800
901/30/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk17 miles
1002/06/201245 min run45 min runeasy walkeasy 5 miles/MM
1102/13/201245 min run45 min runeasy walkGoal Half Marathon
1202/20/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk4 miles
1302/27/201245 min run45 min runeasy walk6-12 miles

Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Week's (Paltry) Runs

I ran very little last week.  Excuses range from heavy thunder & lightening to lazy.  I had planned to run this weekend, possibly both days but I think the combination of the dark and rainy days and just not feeling like it did me in. 

Monday - 3.01 miles, 51 minutes (16:56 mm) Lunch time walk.  Rather than getting up and walking at 5:00 when it was 39, I went to work early and walked at lunch. It was 59 and gorgeous.
Tuesday - YaYog Push/Pull workout. 
Thursday - 3.94 miles, 52 minutes (13:11 mm).  Includes warm up/down and nice hills. Again I ran at lunch time.  I concentrated on leveling my pelvis and opening my hips while running. I'd never done the hip focus and felt like it was much smoother and faster.

In spite of the bad week, I'm looking forward to more training for a few reasons. 
  • Officially I'll start my training plan this week.  That means 2 week day runs, 1 week day walk, and the LSR or 800 repeats each weekend. I'll post the plan in the next few days. 
  • I've changed my work hours so that 3 days a week (the days I run and walk) I will go in at 6:30, run at lunch, and go home at the normal time.  Advantages are running in the light, running when it's (theoretically) warmer, and getting to run some hills. 
  • My chances of completing the run 1000 miles in 2011 challenge are pretty much nil but I still think I can finish the run across Texas East to West (941 miles) challenge.  That is my December goal - to finish that challenge.
My Nano is no longer playing music in such a way that I can hear it.  It may play complete static or I can detect a word every 10-15 words. I don't know whether to take it to the Apple store or just give it up.  I feel pretty frustrated that a $150 product would only last 16 months or so.  At the same time, I've found an app that will let you listen to any podcast with a webpage either by streaming it or by downloading it (while you're near wifi) and then listening to the recording later.  I've also got all my music on the Ama zon cloud so theoretically I could listen to the music that way.  So currently the Nano just functions to record my miles with Nike Running.  I may give that up after the new year and just convert completely to daily mile. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Present Afghan

Back when I finished the filet crochet afghan for my niece, my mother-in-law was very taken with it.  ChocolateWife started making noises about how much her mother would love an afghan like that but I just ... wasn't committed.  Then earlier this year I started playing with the idea.  What color would she like? What size? What sort of pattern? 

I knew from my experiences making the earlier afghan and trying to make a filet crochet baby blanket this summer that I had a few constraints for the afghan. 1. I would make it all one piece as I had done the earlier afghan so I didn't have to sew pieces together. 2. I wanted the pattern to be symmetrical both vertically and horizontally.  I chose the pattern (poseys I think) from the same book that I got the other pattern (poinsettias) from and I was off.  The yarn is Caron Simply Soft which is very smooth to work with.  I also made the transition to a more ergonomic hook which I think was easier on my hands.  I started the project in September so it took me two or three months.  I'm very excited and proud about it and I think that my mother-in-law will be thrilled and very touched. 

Panel detail - the blanket has a 5 x 3 grid of these flowers

The blanket laid out on our king-size bed (my mother-in-law's is queen).

Another laid out view

Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Week's Workouts

I had an ok week running last week.  I planned to skip Monday and run Tuesday but I woke up at 2:00 or 3:00 to the sound of thunder and lightening and pouring rain.  I think thunder and lightening combined with rain and darkness may be my running cutoff.  So... no run on Tuesday.  I think that makes 3-4 times since I cancelled my gym membership that I would have worked out at the gym but didn't/couldn't otherwise.  All-in-all I'd say that's a good decision.

Tuesday - YaYoG Basic workout #1 - I started the YaYog  program with the first push/pull workout.  I will admit that I didn't understand about doing the ladders for a full 7.5 minutes and didn't do the last exercise because I couldn't figure out how to do it at the house but it was still a hard and good workout.
Wednesday - 7.1 miles 1:30 (12:40 mm). We got half a day off work so I ran in the afternoon.  The time includes warm-up and down. I ran 2:30/1:00 for most of the way and 1:1 for about 20 minutes at the end.  It was gorgeous out!
Wednesday - YaYoG Basic Workout #2 - Legs and core.  30 minutes. This workout was so hard. I was feeling it for days. 
Friday - 4.98 miles 1:05 (13:03 mm).  Includes warm up/down.  I felt really sluggish but was happy to be running.
Sunday - 10.3 miles 2:15 (13:06 mm).  Includes warm up/down.  1:1 ratio.  I started the day by telling ChocolateWife that I was considering taking a 2 week break from running before starting my training program.  Then got dressed and went out to run.  Tee hee.  It was 42 when I left the house and I was grateful to be wearing tights, long sleeve tech shirt, hat, and gloves. 

The miles were not what I like but it was a good week and I enjoyed my runs.  This week looks to be colder...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Are your Own Gym Program

A few months ago the host of one of the running podcasts that I listen to and really enjoy mentioned the book You are Your own Gym (Yayog).  We're also friends on dailymile and he started posting his Yayog workouts.  I had been interested in adding some workouts that I could do at home if I get the kids to sleep or in short amounts of time.  I reserved the book at the library (which has a really great system for reserving books online and sending you an e-mail).  I was only 3rd or 4th on the list but apparently everyone who checks out the book wants to keep it for the full time because it took two months for me to move to the top of the list.  In that time, I really considered just buying the book but in case I didn't like it I didn't want to have a $13 book sitting around. 

I got it last Thursday or Friday and spent a few days just reading it.  The first few chapters are an explanation of the author's background and philosophy, nutrition, why you should resistance train, etc.  Then the book shows the exercises (I think more than 100 of them) with detailed explanations and pictures. Each exercise tells you if it's a 1-4 level (1 being beginner and 4 being expert) and giving modifications for making it easier and making it harder.  Wow.  Let me say that some of the exercises I can't imagine ever being able to do not to mention the "make it harder" variations.  The exercises are either done with just your body weight or are done with things you have sitting around your house like leaning on the door frame or using a coffee table. You do pull ups on the top of the door but I don't think I can reach the top of the door unless I stand on a chair.  A few ask you to pick up soup cans or phone books but most just use your body and house. 

His intent is that you can mix and match however you would like.  But the back of the book includes 4 10 week programs (basic through Master Class (or something like that - It's a military name)).  He gives minimums that a person should be able to do before starting the 3 non-basic programs.  The basic program is 4 days a week (and may become 5 days later). 

I started the Basic program on Monday.  The first two weeks are ladders - you set a timer for 7.5 minutes.  Do 1 rep of the exercise, do 2 reps, do 3 reps, etc. until you would not be able to do the next count, then come back down.  So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (would not be able to do 6) 4, 3, 2, 1.  If you finish before the time you start another ladder or just do 1, 1, 1 until the end of time.  Monday was push/pull so push-ups, let-me-ins (sort of pulling to standing on a doorknob), triceps dips, and an exercise that I couldn't figure out how to do given the things sitting around out house but now I have figured it out.  Tuesday was legs/core.  First was supposed to be step-back alternating lunges but I could not do a single one so I used the modification of already being in the lunge stance.  Then alternating Romanian Dead Leans or something like.  Possibly the most confusing exercise I've ever done.  I literally could not get my body to lean forward while putting the wrong hand forward.  I just saw a note in the Yayog forum that this is one of the hardest exercises to do.  Then squats.  Then swimmers (lay on your stomach and lift one leg and opposite arm, etc.)

So far I've "enjoyed" it if enjoying is breaking a serious sweat at 8:00 in the evening.  If someone else has the book reserved, I won't be able to renew it so I'll probably either buy it in a few weeks or put it at the top of my holiday wish list. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I had a pretty low run week last week.  Mostly I was just really tired which I think is due to how hard we pushed to finish up our floor project.  Now that it's done, my weekends should be much more freed up and hopefully I won't be so exhausted when I reach the end of each weekend either. 

Tuesday - 4.4 miles 55 minutes (12:29 mm). That time includes the warm-up/warm-down and a 2:1 interval.  It was very humid.  I did some intervals to try to work on my speed somewhat.
Saturday - 5.49 miles 1:12 (13:06 mm).  I ran to the post office and back.  The time includes 5 minute warm-up/8 minute warm-down and first 3:1 then 2:1.  Not a good run. I felt really run-down and tired throughout. 
Sunday - 6.02 miles 1:46 (17:46 mm walking).  The kids went with me on their bikes and rode for about 2.5 miles before I brought them back home. Then I walked more.  It was quite enjoyable and I wore my #2 shoes. I'd like to rotate them into short runs and walks to save the more expensive shoes.

I'm a few weeks from needing to join up with my HM plan. I could join in on December 10 with a 9 miler or  December 24 (or so) with an 11 miler.  I'll then be on target for my February half.  In the meantime, I need to run 3-4 days a week rather than the 2 days run/1 day walk of last week. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Week

Not a great training week. I'm really tired and run-down.  We are near finishing our big project to remove the carpet from our house and replace it all with stained concrete.  This weekend was our 6th (and final (until we do the living room in a few years) room) and by my count, the 7th weekend we've tackled this project in about the last 2.5 or 3 months.  I feel like my training on weekends will come much easier when we don't have this project any longer.  I guess the good thing is that about half of this project has happened while I wasn't formally training for a Half-Marathon. 

Monday - 1.01 walk 18 minutes (17:49 mm).  Stroller walked the baby to sleep.

Tuesday - 3.15 walk 58 minutes (18:24 mm).   I was worried that I was coming down with a cold or sore throat so I walked rather than ran.

Wednesday - 1.20 walk 20 minutes (16:24 mm). Stroller walked the baby to sleep.

Thursday - 4.4 mile 55 minutes (12:29 mm).  A lovely run.  Includes the warm-up and down and a 2:1 ratio.  The moon was bright like it was a big round LED light.  46 degrees out. 

Saturday - ChocolateWife took the ChocolateKids on a Playdate and said I was free to do what I wanted.  Normally I just run around our neighborhood (on concrete or asphalt) but I decided to head to a city park to run the trails.  I also had only expected to run 5 or 6 miles but since I had time I decided to make it a longer run.  Including warm-up and down I ran 9.0 miles in 2.0 hours (13:20 mm).  The first 1:15 or so I did a 90:60 and then dropped to 60:60.  I honestly think that running 9 miles on trails is about like running 10.5 or 11.0 on the street.  I kept thinking of that old saying about going up hill to school, both ways.  I felt like I just ran up and up hill and never down.  It was probably one of the most fun runs I've ever had. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Week's Runs

Monday - I ran during my lunch hour at work due to scheduling issues at work.  4.22 miles in 53 minutes (12:33 mm) including 5 warm up and 5 warm down.  It was a really nice run with more hills than I'm used to.  It makes me feel like I need to do some lunch time runs when I'm training for my half-marathon next year.
Wednesday - I ran after my training class so it was another day that I could run in daylight.  4.02 in 50 minutes (12:26 mm) plus .70 in 10 minutes walking.  It was 88 degrees so I did a 2:1 ratio.
Thursday - Walked after my training class (in the light again).  3.51 in 58 minutes (16:31).  Wow. It got much colder than I expected.
Sunday - I wanted to either run my long run Saturday and walk Sunday or walk Friday and run Sunday but we ended up working on the floors Friday and Saturday so Sunday was my only run for the weekend.  It rained on me for about the first half.  10.08 miles in 2:14 (13:17 mm).  I did a 1:1 and was pretty happy with the run and the pace.  With about 4 miles to go I got a bit of a twine in my left knee and hip. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

It was really nice to do all my runs in light this week although something went wrong with my headphone jack on my IPod so now the sound is very staticy. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Running

My October running numbers are not bad.  87.31 miles on a month that included a taper week and didn't include my scheduled half-marathon.  At the beginning of the year I signed up for some annual challenges on Nike Running.  I have achieved all of them but two at this point: Run across Texas (941 miles) and Run 1000 miles.  I'm about 20 miles ahead of pace to achieve the first one but 30 miles behind pace to reach 1000 miles.  To run it, I would need to run about 98.5 miles a month for the last two months of 2011.  Given that I've never run 98.5 miles in any month, I think it's unlikely. 

We'll see...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Running 10/24 - 10/30

I felt pretty good about last week's runs.  A combination of not being on a training plan and having some more flexible time last week gave me a few medium long runs. 

Monday - I ran in the afternoon because it was really really foggy for most of the morning and I don't like running on the country roads unless I feel like the cars/trucks can see me.  Either from the weird run time (heat) or from the long run the day before, my legs were pretty tired.  3.65 miles in 44 minutes (12:03) 2/1 run/walk ratio.  My warm up and down were 1.15 miles in 18 minutes (15:39).
Tuesday - Walking.  2.96 miles in 48 minutes (16:12).
Thursday - I had extra time because of a dentist appointment. So I actually slept an hour later than usual and then ran.  Depending on whether I believe the Nike+ or Gmaps-pedometer, I ran 6.55 miles in 1:11 (10:55).  Or perhaps I ran 5.6 miles in 1:11.  Or somewhere in between.  My walking warm up/down was .48 in about 9 minutes.  After a few miles, I felt really good and smooth.  It was starting to not feel like hard work at all.
Saturday - I ran in the afternoon after we worked on the floors and could really feel it.  My legs were sore and tired.  Still, I ran 7.37 in 1:37 (13:09) including my warm-up and down.  I tried 3:1 then 2:1 and then settled in at 1:1.  Even though I was very sore and tired, it started to feel quite smooth toward the middle and end. 

According to Nike+, my week (which goes Sunday - Saturday) had me running 29.92 miles. I would have gone another .08 miles had I realized but still, that's a good mark for me. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Week's Runs

Last week consisted of good runs on the days that I ran.  I just wish I had run more days.  Or walked. 

Tuesday - 4.74 miles 58 minutes (12:13 mm).  A good run in very strong wind.  I used 3:1 ratio run/walk.
Thursday - I separated my running and walking to see my running pace.  The warm up/down was .52 miles in 13 minutes (25 mm).  My running was 4.0 miles in 44 minutes (11:00).  I used a 3:1 ratio and felt really good and relaxed.  I was shooting for under a 12:00 pace and when I hit the button on my watch I read it as just over 48 minutes and thought I had missed the pace. It wasn't until I put it into daily mile and thought I entered it wrong that I realized it was 11:00 mm.  I'm very happy with that pace for 4 miles.
Sunday - 9.3 miles 120 minutes (12:54 mm).  I'm at my in-laws' for the weekend. The pace includes a warm up and down and 1:1 ratio.  I found a county road that runs about 2 miles each direction with very nice hills.  It's pretty constant up or down so it gave me some nice hill work that I don't get at home. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next Training Plan

My next race is not until February 19th which means I have some time between training plans. Again, I find myself in that position of many options.  If I choose to repeat the plan I just used (Jeff Galloway's to time goal plan), I could sort of ignore the first 5-7 weeks and jump in around the middle of December assuming I continue doing 8-9 mile runs every other weekend until then. 

I could also use the Runner's World Smart Coach program.  I put in my mile time and race date and it laid out a 19 week plan for me.  I don't think I would want to do a 19 week plan but I could do a 10 week plan from the Smart Coach program pretty reasonably.  I like that the Smart Coach plans show paces for each run.  The Speedwork days would be challenging but not impossible for me.  I'm very interested that the Long runs start at 10 miles: 10,11,11,12,4,12,13,13,13, HM.  I wonder if that would run me down. 

I know a friend who uses the Hal Higdon marathon trainng plan and likes it.  He has a number of readily available plans including 3-4 12-week HM plans.  And there are the Nike+ programs. I listen to a Podcast where one of the hosts just used the PRSFit marathon training plan.  So there are many options.  I definitely want a plan that will work with the run-walk-run technique as I plan to stay with it but beyond that, I'm not sure what I want to do. 

I think for the remainder of October and November, I'll stick with running 3-4 days a week and trying to get in a 9-10 mile run at least every other weekend with a medium long run on the other weekends. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LD's Birthday Shawl

I finished the shawl for my friend LD a few weeks ago.  The background on the shawl is that one day LD was at the house saying that she found a pattern on ravelry that she really liked but since it's crochet and she knits (she can crochet but does not like it), she was bummed. I said "I'll make it for you."  So she showed me the pattern and then a week or so later we went to the yarn store after a family dinner so she could pick out the yarn. She chose Dizzy Lettuce (a locally produced yarn - see this write-up).  I did not get the shawl completed by her birthday (9/9) mostly because I lollygagged about sewing in the woogies and blocking it. 

Ok... I'm having trouble moving the pictures around so...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Run Training Update

Yuck.  Not a very good running week.  I think I spent part of the time bummed about missing my Sunday race, part of the time having some stomach issues, and part of the time with sick kids.  Both my kids got colds and sore throat which meant missed sleep (more so for ChocolateWife but still...) and much misery. 

Thursday - I finally got out for a run while the kids took naps in the afternoon.  5.44 miles 1:18 (14:20 mm).  The time includes warm up and down (nearly 20 minutes).  It was hotter than I thought and I went from a 3:1 to a 2:1 to a 1:1 ratio. 

Saturday - 9.7 miles 2:01 (12:28 mm). I'm pretty happy with this pace since it includes 5 warm up and 5 warm down.  I ran a 1:1 throughout and had a very nice time.  The weather was gorgeous and I probably saw 40 runners/walkers/bikers on the trail as well as a hot air balloon (not on the trail).  I ran for a few minutes with two women training for the SA R&R HM before they turned north and I continued west.  I also tried the bar that I got for free in my SRJ race packet and it was yummy! 

Sunday - 3.27 mile walk 59 minutes (18.02 mm).  I was having trouble deciding whether to run or walk but since we tore out the carpet in a room and moved all the furniture around I was really sore so I just walked to stretch out and warm up my muscles.  It felt lovely and I picked up a bag of plastic bottles for recycling.  I find that when I pick up trash it makes me less mad about seeing it out there. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 15 Half Marathon Training

Taper Week:
Tuesday - 3.43 miles 45 minutes (13.01/mile).  Included warm up/down.  3:1 ratio.
Thursday - 3.75 miles 51 minutes (13:35/mile). Included warm up/down.  2:1 ratio.
Friday - 2.35 miles 41 minutes (17:26/mile) easy walk. 
Sunday - 6.2 miles 1:13 (11:48/mile).  More on this later.  My Half-marathon was canceled for weather.  In the afternoon I decided to at least do a 10K as if racing. I did a warm up/down separate and timed the 10K.  I think this is my best 10K time but I'm not sure that I've ever tracked one well before.  I did a 2:1 ratio which is what I had planned for the half.  It occurred to me that I probably should have used a slightly more aggressive ratio for the 10K as my predicted time would have been slightly faster.  My target goal pace was 12:02 so this was slightly faster although I don't know that I could have maintained this for another 6.9 miles...  Still, I'm glad I did something. 

See Jane Not Run Half-Marathon

When last we visited our intrepid half-marathoner she was ready to run.  She had laid out her clothes, food, phone, money, and sunscreen.  She had even gotten out two Ziploc bags - one for gels so they don't make a mess and one for the ipod and phone in case it rains. 

I was supposed to pick up a friend (online friend who I've never met) on my way and I texted her around dinner time.  I went to bed early and slept relatively well (much better than the night before my last half-marathon).  I woke up at 4:30 before my alarm could go off at 4:40 and got up.  When I got up it was raining which is very good news for the Austin area.  Really good news.  I got showered, dressed, and ate.  I had a text from the friend saying that she had made a mistake and wasn't registered for the race (she bought a Zozi special but didn't realize she also needed to register).  So I didn't need to pick her up but it was really raining out.  I felt very nervous but I think that's typical.  I wondered if I should go in the rain but didn't know if that was just my nerves trying to invent a reason to back out. I considered waking ChocolateWife but didn't want her to lose out on sleep.  As I was standing at the door with my pack on my shoulder, she got up and came out to say good luck.  I looked at her and asked, "Should I go?"

I felt that the latest I could leave the house and make it to the race was 6:15 and it was about 5:45 or 5:55 at this time.  So we both sat down in front of the computer to watch for tweets or e-mail or FB announcements from any of my online friends who were racing or the organizers.  One of ChocolateWife's fantastic suggestions was that I go stand in the rain for 5 minutes which I actually liked (I didn't actually go do it) because if I was miserable standing for 5 minutes, I would probably be uber miserable running in it for 2.5 hours +.  About 6:05 we saw a tweet that the race was cancelled. Then another and another. After another 30 minutes the race organizers tweeted, sent a facebook message, and e-mailed us. 

I was and am disappointed but am more happy that we got rain. I also got the benefits of the training. I know I learned and grew through the process. I know I got faster and stronger.  I'll do it again.

I haven't decided if I want to pick up another race this fall but I'm definitely racing Livestrong Half in February.

Half-Marathon Gear Laid-out

Here is the picture I took Saturday evening of all my gear for the half-marathon laid out on the table in the front of our house.  The picture misses my phone since I used it to take the picture but everything else is there. The backpack holds my clothes to change into after the race. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Half-Marathon Gear Checklist

The See Jane Run Half-Marathon is this Sunday.  The race starts at 7:00 am and I am picking up a friend on the way because she doesn't have a car.  I've started thinking about my gear list. So far here's what I can think of:

  • White Sports Bra
  • Short-sleeve tech shirt (which short-sleeve tech shirt as yet undetermined)
  • Black running shorts
  • New Asics $12 socks
  • Brooks running shoes
  • Hat (in case it rains)
  • 3 Gels
  • 1/2 Bar?
  • Recovery drink to leave in the car
  • Backpack with a change of clothing.
  • Printed directions to parking & friend's house
  • A little cash

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 14 Half-Marathon Training Program

I had an ok but not great week training last week.  I missed one run due to just not getting up in the morning.  The nice thing is that the weather has finally broken so I was able to enjoy some cooler weather. 

Monday - 3.41 mile/57 minute walk (16:36/mile). 
Wednesday - 5.4 mile 70 minute run (12:57/mile).  The pace includes 5 minutes warm up and 5 warm down and a 3:1 throughout the run.  It felt nice and fast (for me). 
Saturday - 5.46 mile 69 minute run (12:38/mile).  The pace includes 5 minute warm up, 5 warm down and magic mile of 10:02.  The rest of the way was 3/1 or 2:30/1.
Sunday - 3.86 mile 65 minute walk (16:50/mile).  A lovely walk.  I wore a long-sleeve technical shirt and actually tucked my hands inside the ends for the first half. It was wonderful.

Now I'm on taper week and looking forward to it.  I've got 2 runs and an easy walk and then the race next Sunday.  I want to drive the race course on Saturday as I am not familiar with that part of town.  My goal for the race is 2:35-2:40. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Magic Mile

I ran my 4th and final magic mile yesterday. I had hoped to do it in under 10 minutes and just missed. At first I was worried that my GPS was not working but it seemed to even out within the first few minutes of my turning it on. I think the mile distance was accurate. My magic mile time was 10:02 which is sort of disappointing but I'm also pretty pleased with my improvement throughout this training - from 11:22 to 10:02. I know that part of that is just learning curve but I think some is running better. My predicted finish time is now 2:37. That would be a 13 minute improvement from February so that seems like a reasonable and challenging goal.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 13 Half-Marathon Training Plan

Overall, my week last week was pretty good (until Sunday's Long Run that is). 

Monday - 3.55 mile walk in 58 minutes (16:20/mile). That's a pretty fast walking pace for me and it felt nice. 
Tuesday - 4.58 mile run in 59 minutes (12:52/mile).  The time includes warm-up/warm-down.  I ran most of it at 2:30/1:00 because my legs felt sluggish.  I did 4x hill repeats but the hill is only about 250-300 m long rather than a 400 m hill which I think would be better.  I'm not sure if the sluggish feeling is from being the 3rd day to run or walk in a row. Interestingly my overall pace for this sluggish day is nearly the same as my great run day on Thursday.
Thursday - 1.02 mile run in 62 minutes (12:45/mile). Includes warm-up and warm-down, 8 acceleration gliders (concentrating on lean) and 8 cadence drills.  Run felt great.
Friday - 2.65 walk in 46 minutes (17:21/mile).  Easy walk.
Sunday - The Training Plan calls for a 17 mile run 2 weeks from the race.  I had already decided to do 13-14 rather than 17.  But I got terrible sleep all night and was very upset and just couldn't concentrate.  I did the first 6.5 miles in 1:30 (13:50/mile) but just gave up and walked the 2.5 miles home.  TrainingFAIL.

I'm dissapointed about missing out on the long run 2 weeks from the race.  I wish I had the flexibility at work to feel like I could take a few hours off and do a makeup but I really don't.  I am extremely nervous about the half-marathon to the point of some days wanting to just not do it but I keep telling myself and I am much much more prepared than I was for the Livestrong last February.  I would like to knock 5 minutes minimum and would love to knock 10 minutes off my time last February but I don't want to get all locked into a time goal either. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If I walked 500 miles and if I walked 500 more

I knew this was coming but did not remember how close the milestone was until I got home from my walk Monday (coincidentally my birthday).  I synced up my IPod and there was a video (Nike calls them "attaboys") which would not play.  That made me wonder why I had an attaboy so I hovered my mouse over the menu and saw that I have now run 1000+ miles in around 14 months since getting the Nike+.  I hope the next 1000 will be healthy and that I reach it before my next birthday.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 12 Half-Marathon Training Plan

Yeah... it was just a crummy a running week as it looks like. I had the blister on one foot that I got during my long run and my bruised toe, arm, and knee.  But a big part of my problem was just feeling overwhelmingly tired and lethargic.  I don't know why. 

So my paltry runs/walks:

Friday - I did not get up in the morning but in the afternoon ChocolateFamily was still at a playdate when I got home so I put on workout clothes as quickly as I could and headed out the door.  I literally had not left our yard when the phone rang with ChocolateWife calling to say that they would be home in a few minutes so I walked to the closest major intersection and back home.  It was about a mile and about 16 minutes. 
Saturday - We had a babysitter in honor of my birthday (today) and I chose to go hiking.  ChocolateWife and I went to Walnut Creek and hiked for about an hour.  We were able to walk through the creek bed for a long time which was sort of cool but also really sad.  Everything in the park is just dead and wilted and it's very sad and scary.  3+ miles in an hour - then we went to lunch.
Sunday - I had 800m repeats scheduled - 12 of them.  Rather than go to the park to use the track, I decided to use the GPS to measure a 1/2 mile strip on the sidewalk/long street near the house.  I walked there and then used my warm-up 1/2 mile run to mark a start line, 1/4 mark, and finish line.  I felt very happy with my times.  My goal by the formula was 5:50 but my slowest was 5:30.  Including warmup/down it was 8.55 miles.  Times (5:06, 5:08, 5:14, 5:06, 5:11, 5:09, 5:19, 5:17, 5:26, 5:18, 5:30, 5:14).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 11 Half-Marathon Training Plan

I had a good training week. 
Tuesday - I didn't get up and run but I think I really learned something from it.  I didn't get up but then I spent the entire day wishing I had.  I felt like it was a turning point in thinking about that saying that you never regret the runs you take, only the ones you miss.
Wednesday - 4.32 miles/58 minutes (13:25/mile). Includes warm-up and warm-down.  I ran with a 3:1 ratio and the weather was lovely - 64 degrees but smoky. 
Thursday - 3.65 miles/47 minutes (12:52).  Here's where my Tuesday paid off. Again, I didn't want to get up but I remembered Tuesday and I got up.  Did a 3:1 ratio, then acceleration gliders and cadence drills.  Later a lunchtime walk to the credit union of .95 miles and walk from the bus to the store and store to dinner.
Friday - 3.18 miles/52 minutes.  Nice morning walk. Later walks to and from the bus stop and car place.
Sunday - I had a 15 mile LSR planned and was strangely excited about it.  My last LSR I did at 60:60 and I wanted to try a harder ratio so I decided on 90:60.  The night before I smashed my right pinky-toe on a plant in the house (see picture below).  Ouch.  I wasn't sure I would be able to run at all.  I got up at 5:00 to try and beat the heat and also not use up the entire day.  About 3.5 miles into the run, I tripped on a sidewalk and fell (see picture below #2).  It was the first time I've actually fallen since I started running although I've tripped many times.  My right arms is pretty bruised as well but the pictures don't seem to show it.  I also got a blister on my left foot from a new pair of socks that are thinner than my usual. 

Nonetheless I got up and walked for a minute or two and then resumed my run.  I can hardly describe how happy I was with the run.  I did the 90:60 for the first 11 or so miles, then dropped to 60:60.  I ended up at 15.13 miles/3:33 time (14:04/mile).  My target time should have been between 15:20 and 15:50 depending on exact temperature so it was a good pace. 

Toe I smashed on a plant

Banged up knee from falling during the run.
My total mileage for the week with estimated walks was 29.55 miles.  I think that's my highest week ever.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 10 Half Marathon Training Plan

Tuesday - Scheduled 45 minute run.  Actual 4.2 miles in 58 minutes including warm up/down.  I did 3:1 throughout and felt very good and smooth. It was hot even though it was only 5:00 in the morning.
Thursday - Scheduled 45 minute run. Actual 5-6 minutes running. I felt crummy and just decided to walk it.  Very nice walk of 3.51 miles in 58 minutes.
Saturday - Scheduled 10 x 800m repeats in 5:50 goal time.  I was pretty concerned about this workout because 1. I slept very badly Friday night, 2. The last set of 8 x 800m were so hard, and 3. I feel like I'm not working out very well during the week.  Every set of repeats I have done, I have felt like the first x-2 were doable but I've really struggled for the last 2 repeats.  I figured that was just a given.  This week I considered just walking but gave myself a stern talking to and did them anyway.  I am so glad I did.  They went very well (5:09, 5:14, 5:16, 5:19, 5:22, 5:25, 5:28, 5:26, 5:36, 5:30).  Including warm up/down the workout was 6.92 miles in 1:38. 
Sunday - Walked 3.38 miles in 58 minutes.  I knew we would be out of town for a quick trip and didn't want to miss too many days.  It turned out that we walked a decent amount both Sunday and Monday but I still wanted some concrete miles in my day and am glad I did it. 

This week calls for 2 runs and a walk (I already blew off one run but will try to make it up) and then a 15 mile! long slow run on Sunday.  The high temperatures this week are forecasted for low 90s so I'm optimistic that it will make a difference in my running. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Week's runs

Well... I can't get to NikeRunning. I don't know if the site is down or if I'm just having trouble connecting. This graphic is from dailymile which I have been using for a week or so and really like (but that's a whole other post). Pro of this graphic vs. Nike Running: It runs Saturday - Sunday rather than Sunday - Monday. Con: It shows only rounded miles. (3 instead of 3.57 or whatever).

Sunday (8/21) - 8 x 800m repeats. My goal time was 5:55 per 800 and I met it for every repeat (5:12, 5:23, 5:24, 5:31, 5:26, 5:35, 5:36, 5:37). Total mileage 5.99 including warm-up/down. I felt really good about this because when I did the 4x and when I did the 6x I had a hard time with the final 2 repeats for each. But this time, I had no trouble with the first 6 repeats. Only on the last 2 did they get hard.

Monday - Walk 2.7 miles in 48 minutes.

Tuesday - Run. 3.6 miles in 52 minutes (14:26/mile) including warm-up, warm-down. This was a really nice run. I started at 4:1 ratios but dropped to 3:1. It felt very comfortable and good.

Thursday - Run. 4.2 miles in 58 minutes (13:48/mile) including warm-up and warm-down. 3:1 ratio with 7 acceleration glider drills and 8 cadence drills (97, 96, 96, 95, 97, 97, 98, 98).

Friday - Walk. 2.7 miles 47 minutes.

Sunday - LSR of 13.3 miles in 3:18 (14:53/mile). My training plan called for 16:20 - 16:50 but I said the other day I wanted to do it in 14:30 - 15:00. I actually maintained about a 14:08 - 14:20/mile pace for nearly the entire distance but when I walked my warm-down the pace dropped. If I had cut off the mileage, it would have been faster but I want the miles more than the pace.

The run went very well. I left my house about 5:10 and did 1:1 throughout. I did longer walks to take in nutrition (2 gels and one very gross bar that I got as a sample somewhere). I also stopped at the grocery store to use the bathroom and buy a bottle of water. Other than those breaks, I had no trouble maintaining the 1:1s.

27 miles for the week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Upcoming LSR

My Long Slow Run (LSR) this weekend will be 13 miles. Wow. 13 miles. That will either equal or exceed my longest run ever - 2011's Austin Livestrong Half-Marathon. If I calculate my route exactly it will be 13 miles. If I go over, it will be my longest run. I'm feeling somewhat nervous just at the sheer distance and time it will take (and don't ask about the 15 mile run scheduled 2 weeks later or 17 mile run 2 weeks after that).

My last two LSRs have been subpar and very challenging. When I did the 9 mile run, I had just taken the Chi Running class so I tried to run as far as I could without taking walk breaks for the first 6-7 miles which pretty much broke me for the final two miles. My pace averaged 14:27/mile. When I did the 11 mile run I was either coming down with a chest cold or suffering the effects of eating too much gluten. I struggled throughout the run, walked a significant amount, and ended up with an average pace of 15:16/mile.

To encourage myself I keep telling myself that I have learned from the last two LSRs. I will use run-walk-run throughout and I am not stuffed up or suffering medically. I also realize that using Galloway's long run pace calculations I should do this run at about:

10:17 MM time x 1.2 (HM multiplier) = 12:20 + 2:00 (for a training run) = 14:20 + 2:00 to 2:30 (:30 for every 5 degrees above 60) = 16:20 - 16:50 / mile. Truly I would like to do the run at 14:30 - 15:00/mile.

But I'm still nervous about the sheer time and distance. I'm also nervous about the weather. The high for Sunday is forecast to be 109. I'm thinking that I'll get up at my usual 5:00 am to run the first 1 - 1:30 in the dark. It will still probably be 78-80 when I head out the door. It also means that I'm stuck trying to figure out how to manage my gear. I wear a water pack on my long runs which has small pockets. I can put some gels in the pockets, my keys, my phone. But if I wear my headlamp, I will want to take it off and then will have difficulty shoving it into the small pockets. Ditto but reverse that for my sunglasses. Do I want to shove them (tight fit) into my pack for the first 2 hours and then put them on or just run without? Do I want to carry some sunscreen with me? I don't want to put it on at the start because I always get it in my eyes and mouth from sweating and I want to avoid that at long as possible but do I just ignore it? Or do I head out with my headlamp, run 2 hours, come back home to fill with water and trade the headlamp for sunglasses and sunscreen? I'm worried that if I come home I'll get derailed by the kids and whatever else is going on.

It's a lot to think about but whatever I decide, I'll be heading out for a 13 mile run in two days!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 8 Half Marathon Training Plan

I had a pretty light running week this week. That cold that I was worried about plagued me all week or perhaps it was a reaction to eating Gluten the week before. Either way, I did no running all week.

Sunday - Planned 11 mile run. Actual shown here.
Monday - Recovery walk. 53 minutes. 3.11 miles.
Thursday - Walk. 1:08 3.89 miles.
Friday - Walk. 4.91 miles.

Total weekly miles - 23.03. Not bad for a week where I felt like I could hardly breathe. I had a good run this morning and am hoping that I can get right back to my usual schedule.

Friday, August 19, 2011

LSR not slow enough...

I realized a few days ago that I was calculating my target time for my LSR wrong. I forgot about adding 2:00/mile to the mm X 1.2 time. That means my target time for my run last week should have been 16:20 - 16:50/mile. That means that my 15:15/mile with plenty of walking actually beat that target pace. But ... I mean...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11 Mile Long Slow Run

I did my 11 mile long slow run Sunday. It was both long and slow. According to the Galloway plan my target time should have been between 14:50 and 14:20/mile. I started running around 6:00 am before it was fully light.

I had been feeling sort of crummy the last part of the week. Thursday and Friday I had blinding headaches (or one headache continuously) and I also felt like I was completely stuffed up in my throat and chest. I wondered if I were coming down with something but Saturday evening I realized that I indulged in eating Gluten pretty much every day all week. I had not had my vegie chili this year and we decided to make some, Gluten be damned! I suspect I am still paying the price for that decision.

For the first 7 miles or so I maintained a 1:1 ratio and was at about 13:30-13:45 per mile pace including the walk breaks. It was hard though. I felt like I was struggling to breathe and swallow. From then on I interspersed 1:1s or 30:30s or walked for long periods.

It took me nearly 2:50 (my HM time from last year) but I did it. 11.1 miles. That's my second longest run ever (the only longer one was the one from the HM last year). 15:16/mile which is even slower than my LSR target but I did it. In two weeks I have a 13 mile LSR planned and I plan to be feeling much better that day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 7 Half Marathon Training Plan

Sunday - 6 x 800 repeats. Target time was 5:55 per 800. I found these much harder to do and maintain than the 4 x 800s two weeks earlier. 5:26, 5:31, 5:35, 5:31, 5:46, 5:45. With warm-up and down 5.24 miles total.

Monday - Walk to the grocery store. 3.73 miles.

Tuesday - Started with 4:1, then dropped to 2:1 ratio. 1:16 hours, 5.71 miles (13:26).

Tuesday - Met the family on the way home from my run and walked to the park and back with them. 1.83 miles.

Wednesday - 47 minutes. 2.96 mile walk.

Friday - 55 minutes 3.22 mile walk.

So not as much running as I usually hope for. The schedule just didn't work out that well. But I did 22+ miles during the week so that's a plus.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 6 Half-Marathon Training

Sunday - I wrote it up last week but here is the bar for it.

Monday & Tuesday - My foot was really sore. I don't know if it was a cramp or something I did before/during my Sunday run. Monday I tried heat, ice, stretching, arnica. Tuesday I tried Ibuprofin and that fixed it.

Wednesday - 46 minutes. 3.51 miles (13:07/mile). I took a few walk breaks and it was very hot and humid. I did my 10:17 magic mile during this run.

Thursday - Walked 3:13 in 55 minutes. Nice walk.

Saturday - Walked 5.5 miles in 1:38.

Weekly miles = 22.02.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Third Magic Mile

I ran my third magic mile this morning. I wasn't at the track but I have my RunKeeper app set to announce my time, distance, pace etc. every 1/2 mile so I don't have to keep looking at it. I walked a warm-up, then ran most of the first mile and then walked a minute. Then I started running and when the app said I was at 1 mile, I hit the timer on the watch. The first 1/2 mile goes up a slight incline. Then I reached a red light and had to wait 25+ seconds. I subtracted those seconds although I guess I did get the benefit of lowering my HR during that rest. I walked across the street for safety (in the dark) and then starting running. The first 1/5 of a mile or so is a slight downhill and the rest is pretty level. The time on my watch was 10:37 so if I subtract 20 seconds to offset the standing at the light/lowering my HR I get 10:17.

So my times have been:

Magic Mile # Date Time Predicted HM Finish
1 06/28/2011 11:22 2:58
2 07/07/2011 10:41 2:46
3 08/03/2011 10:17 2:40

Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Week's Runs - Week 5 Half-Marathon Training

My runs last week were the first I've done using what I learned in my Chi Running clinic. I thought they went well:

Tuesday - Scheduled 45 minute run. 3.59 miles in 48 minutes (13:26). I took a few short walking breaks but otherwise concentrated on the Chi Running form and did mostly running.

Thursday - Scheduled 45 minute run. 3.74 miles in 51 minutes (13:52). That included a 5 minute walking warm-up and down. But I managed to run 32 minutes before my first (and only) 2 minute walk break.

Friday - Scheduled easy walk. 3.22 miles in 56 minutes (17:28).

Sunday - Scheduled 9 mile LSR. 9.85 miles in 2:22 (14:27). I think this was probably my hardest run ever. I have only ever run this far maybe 3-4 times before. In my last HM training I think I had a 10 and 11 mile training run and then my HM was 13.1 (of course). It was 81 degrees when I set out and a few degrees hotter when I finished. I started out trying to Chi Run and not take walk breaks which meant that I only took them when I was totally exhausted for the first 6 miles or so. By the time I had 3 miles to go, I went by my HRM and each time my HR got too high (92%), I walked for a minute. Basically that meant I was in a 1:1 for the last 3 miles but of course I had already exhausted myself. My next LSR won't be for 2 weeks (11 miles) and by that time I either need to be much more comfortable with Chi Running or allow myself the walk-run regardless of the posture changes.

When I woke up Sunday morning my left foot was bothering me. I had the feeling like it needed to pop. Like the bones were sort of jammed up. I've had that before and it's always just gone away on its own. I ran on it and it felt a little weird but not painful or awkward. Last evening it began to feel more and more uncomfortable until I was limping. Before going to sleep I put some Tiger balm on my arch. I woke up in the night with it so tight and hurting that I had trouble getting back to sleep. Now I'm at work. I put arnica on it before putting on my socks and also rolled on a tennis ball. I need to make sure that I keep rolling it and stretch it out and I hope it feels much better quickly.