Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 13 Half-Marathon Training Plan

Overall, my week last week was pretty good (until Sunday's Long Run that is). 

Monday - 3.55 mile walk in 58 minutes (16:20/mile). That's a pretty fast walking pace for me and it felt nice. 
Tuesday - 4.58 mile run in 59 minutes (12:52/mile).  The time includes warm-up/warm-down.  I ran most of it at 2:30/1:00 because my legs felt sluggish.  I did 4x hill repeats but the hill is only about 250-300 m long rather than a 400 m hill which I think would be better.  I'm not sure if the sluggish feeling is from being the 3rd day to run or walk in a row. Interestingly my overall pace for this sluggish day is nearly the same as my great run day on Thursday.
Thursday - 1.02 mile run in 62 minutes (12:45/mile). Includes warm-up and warm-down, 8 acceleration gliders (concentrating on lean) and 8 cadence drills.  Run felt great.
Friday - 2.65 walk in 46 minutes (17:21/mile).  Easy walk.
Sunday - The Training Plan calls for a 17 mile run 2 weeks from the race.  I had already decided to do 13-14 rather than 17.  But I got terrible sleep all night and was very upset and just couldn't concentrate.  I did the first 6.5 miles in 1:30 (13:50/mile) but just gave up and walked the 2.5 miles home.  TrainingFAIL.

I'm dissapointed about missing out on the long run 2 weeks from the race.  I wish I had the flexibility at work to feel like I could take a few hours off and do a makeup but I really don't.  I am extremely nervous about the half-marathon to the point of some days wanting to just not do it but I keep telling myself and I am much much more prepared than I was for the Livestrong last February.  I would like to knock 5 minutes minimum and would love to knock 10 minutes off my time last February but I don't want to get all locked into a time goal either. 

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