Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Doll Blankets

Our friend Av turned 2 a few weeks ago and had her birthday party Saturday. One of the things Av really loves doing is putting all of her baby dolls to sleep, all over the living room floor and couches and putting blankies on them and patting them to sleep. So I spent the last month making the baby dolls some blankies. I used only yarn that I had in our stock of spare yarn and assorted patterns.

This one was really easy and fast. It was a sort of chain, half-double-crochet pattern that flew by. It was in a book we have of 63 granny square patterns to make a 7x9 afghan although I adapted the dimensions.

This pattern is from the same granny square afghan book. It's actually the pattern I used to make ChocolateSon's afghan (1 strip each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple with rainbow variegated in between). It's called chevrons and peeps or something like that and is very easy to catch onto the pattern.

This one is a blanket I've made 4-5 times for different babies and I really love the pattern. I just stopped earlier that usual to make this smaller version. I don't know what book it's from - I got a xeroxed pattern from my SIL.

This pattern is the same pattern I used to make this blanket only instead of stopping at 13 rounds and sewing together a lot of them, I just continued and continued until I ran out of yarn.

This blanket is a basic v-stitch with a single-crochet border.

And another simple one - alternating double crochet with double crochet, 2 chain (skip 2) rows.