Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project Done

I've finished the project I was working on for Christmas presents. I made these 12 dishcloths. For Christmas we're giving most of the members of R's family copies on a book on green cleaning and 3 hand-made dish cloths each. For the 8 brightly colored ones, I used a fillet crochet book that R picked up at some store for $2.99. If you can't make out the patterns, they are (top left to right): pattern, daisy, triangles, pattern, (bottom left to right): dove, tulip, squirrel and triangles. The top four are just some double crochet and some ribbing. Hopefully they'll like them.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Receiving Blanket Pictures

My co-worker sent me a few pictures of the edgings on the receiving blankets. I still find it pretty hard to turn the corners in an attractive way but you can see the work a little here.

Perhaps the best part is that someone attending the picture asked me how you keep changing the thread color on the rainbow one. I was sort of like... well, it's variegated thread?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Receiving Blankets

I made two receiving blankets for a co-worker and took them to her shower on Wednesday. She seemed excited by how soft they were (the material really IS soft) and definitely could tell they were hand-done and appreciated them. The first ones I did (last year) the recipient said "oh how pretty..." until she realized they were hand-done. Then she got really excited and appreciative. Anyway, I hadn't taken my usual pictures and posted them, partially because the recipient is a Facebook friend so I could't post them over there (although I could have posted them here). And I totally forgot to take the pictures at all. I asked her to take some extras and send them so when I get them, I'll post them here as well as Facebook.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Afghan Done

Here are the pictures I alluded to yesterday regarding the completed afghan for my niece. It's designed to fit a full-sized bed although it is shown here on a queen (because that's what we have). Below is a close-up of one of the squares. The blanket has 5 rows of 3 of these designs and a border of 1 row/column of double crochet all the way around the end.

Looking back at my blog, it looks like it took me about 2.5 months to complete this blanket. I'm pretty happy with that. And I have my next 3-4 projects all planned out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afghan Progress

I have finished the first pattern row for the afghan I'm making for my niece. This is the infamous blanket of the counting and re-counting and counting and re-counting and more re-counting. Here are some pictures of it laid out on the queen-sized bed (long-ways -- It will hang off the sides of a full-sized bed. In order to get a picture that shows the whole thing I'd either need a lower bed, cleaner floor, taller wife (she took the pictures, being taller than me), or wide-angle lens. Given the chances of getting any of those requirements, instead imagine that there are three full squares with the poinsettia in the center. At the edges there are three of those columns of spaces and a solid double-crochet border. I'm very happy with it.

At this point I've used just under 3 skeins of yarn and I originally bought 15 which means that if my original calculation works, I'll add 4 more rows of patterns and will have enough yarn. I still don't know if I'll put an additional border on the blanket. I think it doesn't need it but R wants me to add one. I'll wait until I'm done with the basic pattern to decide.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Re-do and re-do and re-do and finally re-do

You remember my post about counting the stitches and needing to tear out all those stitches and try again. Well after three more days, I can only conclude that this blanket is in some sort of Twilight Zone of counting. Tuesday I pulled out all the squares and the double crochet (DC), added three chains (actually I added about six so I'd have extra), then readded 3 more DC, then did a row of squares. Then R and I both counted repeatedly and I had one too many squares. Yes, that's right: I was one short, I added one and then I had one too many. Last night I pulled out the squares (but not the DC) and took out three DC and did three rows of squares and then did the row that should have 3 squares, 27 squares of dc, 3 squares, 27 squares of DC, 3 squares, 27 squares of DC, 3 squares. And I was one long! That end showed 4 squares. I counted, R counted. We both snarled and snorted at the thing. And R said was I regretting not doing the panels but I said no, that I was still sure that when I finally got it right this blanket will look much better all in one piece. And then I pulled all those squares out and took off another square and then put in a row of squares and counted and counted and counted and did two more rows and counted and counted and counted and finally did the 3/27/3/27/3/27/3 row and it came out right! In all I had four failed attempts and got it right on the fifth. I got it done about 10;30 last night under my determination that I would get all the big potentially tangled lump of yarn on the coffee table and that 3/27... row done before going to bed.

Now, if you're trying to picture what I'm talking about, the long picture shows just how wide this blanket will be. That's our dining room table and it's pretty much exactly that long/wide. In the more close-up picture, the bottom row shows that 296 (or maybe 298 or even 293) DC and then are the 3 rows of squares and then one of the 27 squares of DC row.

Now I can make some real progress. And I need to because a few days ago I got some very very exciting news that will require a baby blanket by February. And I know what pattern I want to make but I can't say anymore because it's not my news to share. Tee hee.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do and re-do

Last week I started making an afghan for my niece. She just turned ten and when she was born I didn’t crochet. Her younger sister has gotten a baby blanket, a toddler blanket, and a few snugglers from us but H has never gotten anything. So I recently asked my sister if she would like one and she was very excited. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am making the blanket in filet crochet and decided to make it all in one piece rather than the three panels of 5 squares to be stitched together later. So I sat down with pencil and paper and began figuring how long a chain I needed to make to start the blanket. Each filet crochet section is 90 stitches which is 29 squares. Squares have either 2 chain and a double crochet at each end or 2 double crochet and a double crochet at each end. In other words, to do a section of double crochet, you do (3*n)+1 double crochet where n = the number of squares on the pattern.

So first I multiplied the sections by 3:
90 * 3 = 270 stitches
29 * 3 = 87 squares

Now the pattern itself has a “padding” border of squares. So I figured I need an extra padding border between the three sections:
2 * 3 = 6 stitches
2 * 1 = 2 squares

Then R said that that will mean that when a person looks at the blanket in whole, s/he will see three rows of squares. The person won’t think about the fact that one two of those rows are actually the padding border. So on the outside of the blanket, there needs to be 3 padding rows (1 of which is part of the pattern). Ok.
2 sides * 6 stitches = 12 stitches
2 sides * 2 squares = 4 squares

And since just inside the padding border of squares is a solid border of solid double crochet, I want to put a solid border of double crochet around the entire blanket.
2 * 3 = 6 stitches
2 * 1 = 2 squares

Bringing the count to 294 stitches/95 squares (yes, I know that's a fragment and I'm ok with it). And then you add one extra chain/double crochet because of the (3*n)+1 formula. So ok, 295 double crochet. Well to make a long story short (too late), I chained about 299, double crochet 295, then turned and did the squares back: 94 squares. Yep, let’s look at that again. 94 squares. Hmmm. 94 squares. So I asked R to count. 94 squares. Now if I wanted to drop off one of the 2 padding columns on the outside I would only need 93 squares but I’d still have to undo the squares row and then drop off three double crochet. And I had extra chains because it’s always easier to take them out than to put them in but I took them out after I counted and recounted my 295 double crochet.

What does all that mean? It means taking out the squares and taking out the existing double crochet. Then adding 3 chains, then re-crocheting the double crochet ( this time 298), then the squares again.

And if you’re following my math and something doesn’t add up, yes. It might not because I’m not sitting in front of either the afghan or the piece of paper on which we’re figuring the whole thing. It makes me think of that story you tell kids about the three guys with the $10 and it only adds to $29 when you’re done.

And it’s a good darned thing I love crochet or I’d be screaming.