Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project Done

I've finished the project I was working on for Christmas presents. I made these 12 dishcloths. For Christmas we're giving most of the members of R's family copies on a book on green cleaning and 3 hand-made dish cloths each. For the 8 brightly colored ones, I used a fillet crochet book that R picked up at some store for $2.99. If you can't make out the patterns, they are (top left to right): pattern, daisy, triangles, pattern, (bottom left to right): dove, tulip, squirrel and triangles. The top four are just some double crochet and some ribbing. Hopefully they'll like them.


  1. My mother in law makes these for me...not as fancy though. Nice.

  2. nice! we make these. not the fancy ones. They are great in the kitchen. When you said 12 I thought they were going to be the 12 days of christmas! I like that they are not that and I LOVE the squirrel one.