Sunday, November 29, 2009

Receiving Blanket Pictures

My co-worker sent me a few pictures of the edgings on the receiving blankets. I still find it pretty hard to turn the corners in an attractive way but you can see the work a little here.

Perhaps the best part is that someone attending the picture asked me how you keep changing the thread color on the rainbow one. I was sort of like... well, it's variegated thread?


  1. Ha ha! Really? They asked that??? Wow. Those are beautiful! Em has one from Blankies for Babes ( She won't TOUCH one of my afghans, but she LOVES her Jaxson blanket! Little snot!

  2. CJ - For reals. I was very careful not to be offensive in my answer. Could you imagine if you had to actually change yarn on varigated when the color changed? No one would ever crochet or knit again. That site is very cool. I can't believe that she can do such a fast turn-around.

    KJ - Thanks.