Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Activity 06/02 - 06/08

I had a pretty good week activity-wise. 

Monday - Morning spin. I spun in the morning doing 25 rounds of 1 standing and 1 down.  Good and sweaty. 
Monday - Walked 1.5 miles after work.
Tuesday - I walked on the gazelle in the morning for 35 minutes. I have no idea how to estimate mileage on that type machine.
Wednesday - 46 minutes spinning. Nice steady zone 2.
Thursday - I took the day off from exercise although I went to the blood center and donated a double of platelets (big double - 8.8). I am trying to catch up after 3 months off (2 months deferred and then trouble getting scheduled).  I still want to donate at least 12 times this year if not more.
Friday - 3.9 miles. I took the day off Friday for a variety of reasons.  I walked to the grocery store in 100% humidity. 
Friday - Tree sawing.  I sawed down 3 trees and chopped up the branches.
Saturday - I meant to work out but it just couldn't fit into the day.  My wife was sick all day and I spent the day doing errands and housework and then the guy came to install the garage door opener and I couldn't leave while he was there all day.
Sunday - 3.8 miles walking.  I walked to the store again in light rain and then home with groceries. I picked up recycling on the way home again.

Fitbit steps:

Monday - 12,249
Tuesday - 17,115
Wednesday - 12,116
Thursday - 12,083
Friday - 20,090
Saturday - 12,465
Sunday - 15,450

Total: 101,568

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Activity 05/26 - 06/01

Monday - Monday was a holiday but I still had plans so I managed 2 x 30 minute walks - one in the morning and one in the evening.  Both were humid and sort of uncomfortable.
Tuesday - Spin in the morning.  I did 15 x 2 seated hills with 1 minute recovery between. 
Wednesday - Glider for 50 minutes before making dinner.
Thursday - Spin for 1 hour. Mostly zone 2 with some surges. 
Friday - Walked about 3.6 in 1:10.  I was home early from work so I walked in 93 degrees - wow I could feel it. Then picked up Rachel's car from the shop. 
Saturday - Walked 4.1 early in the morning. It wasn't too hot but it was humid out. I did a little bit of running but mostly just walking.
Sunday - Walked to the grocery store and back, picking up cans and bottles on the way home. Humidity was 100% and it felt like it. 

I felt like it was a good week, activity-wise.  I haven't weighed myself in a while and don't really feel driven to do it. I may be starting to lose but I'm not frantic about it. I'm still logging my calories on my fitbit so there's that. 

Speaking of the fitbit:

Monday - 13,548
Tuesday - 12,583
Wednesday - 16,467
Thursday - 11,142
Friday - 14,704
Saturday - 14,786
Sunday - 14,186

Total: 97,416

Monday, May 19, 2014

Activity 5/12 - 5/18

Wow. Look at that... Green on every day.  I had a really good activity week last week. I was in training all week which meant that I could wear jeans & T-shirts and sneakers to class. It also meant that every time we took a break or I finished a lab early or even after eating lunch on our long lunches, I went outside and walked.  It was sort of awesome but also creates quite a precedent for my first week with my fitbit.

So basically every weekday walking before/during training.
Thursday - Spinning with 24. I found that the newest 24 is on Hulu so I'm watching it while working out.  I always think it is the perfect show for watching while working out because you can just start and stop the show without having to finish the episode.  I only went 30 minutes (6 x 3 seated climbs (yes, my quads were burning) and 1 minute recoveries). 
Saturday - Early spin. I went an hour with 25 x 1 minute standing and 1 minute recovery. 
Sunday - Walked 45 minutes until the family woke up.

Hmmm.  I gained back 2 of the 4 pounds I have lost. I'm pretty sure it's a "that time of the month issue..."

The fitbit is pretty awesome.  I've kicked my goal up to 11,500 and met it every day.  We'll see if I can continue to say that now that I'm back to working my regular job. 

Monday - 11,481
Tuesday - 12,538
Wednesday - 13,687
Thursday - 15,604
Friday - 15,809
Saturday - 15,166
Sunday - 14,991 (clearly I would have walked 9 more steps had I realized how close I was)

Total: 99,276

Monday, May 12, 2014

Exercise 05/05 - 05/11

I am in a TDY  today and can't get my picture to upload which is really sad because it's a good picture. I have color on every day.  48 miles today for the week. 

Monday - 1.5 miles walking. I walked after work with ChocolateDaughter on her scooter until she fell. She was fine and it was a nice time with her.
Tuesday - 1.25 miles walking. I walked during some work breaks.
Tuesday - Spin 13 miles in 60 minutes.  I spun while watching Mad Men.  5 x 3 standing hills and 1 recovery. Then 15 x 1 standing hills and 1 recovery.
Wednesday - 1.65 miles walking.  I fit this in between meeting the washing machine repair guy and ChocolateWife leaving for work.  It was hot out.
Thursday - 12 mile spin. Steady zone 2.
Friday - 2.2 miles between afternoon walk at work and 30 minutes after dinner while trying to help the kids across the street get their dog back from following me.  Said kids have neither supervision nor a leash.
Saturday - 12.5 mile biking.  My first ride in months. I got down the bike and aired up the tires, oiled the chain, tested the brakes, etc. Then went for an easy ride.  Quite fun and warm.
Sunday - 3.9 miles walking to and from the grocery store.  It was warmish and the groceries got heavy but I love getting to walk to the store rather than drive.

I've lost a few more pounds from my all time high.  Continuing to work on it in a healthy way. 

Monday - 9,254
Tuesday - 6,435
Wednesday - 10,020
Thursday - 7,096
Friday - 9,697
Saturday - 8,557
Sunday - 14,030 *

Total:  65,089

ChocolateWife got me a FitBit for Mother's Day.  I have been considering one for a long time but haven't wanted to spend the money but she went ahead and got it. I am quite excited about it although it did not log as many steps as my phone app on the way to and from the store on Sunday. I actually know my approximate step count per minute and it undercounted that count.  So... we'll see.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Activity 04/28 - 05/04

I know... I skipped a week.  That week the first part was good and the second part we went to the beach so we did a lot of walking to the beach and shops and restaurants and playing in the water but not much that I would record. 

So last week:
Monday - Walking 3.5 miles in 1:05.  I took the day off so I could catch up on laundry and such (7 loads) when we got home from the beach Sunday but managed to go for a walk in the neighborhood.  My phone died during the walk so I don't know exact time/distance/steps but this should be close.
Tuesday - Spin biking.  Zone 2 for 45 minutes. 
Wednesday - Spin session.  Hard work. I did warm up then 10 rounds of 2 minutes standing hill with 1 minute recovery. Then 10 rounds of 1 minute sitting hard with 1 minute recovery. Then warmed down. 
Thursday - Nothing.  I had a terrible terrible sinus/Migraine.  I went to work, came home from work to dunk my head and sleep, and then got up and worked from home a bit but activity was just not possible or advisable.
Saturday - Walking 4:05 in 1:15.  What a busy day.  Errands and more errands, lunch with family, more errands.  I finally got a walk into the day in the afternoon. It was hot out but still a good loosening walk.
Sunday - Walking 3.9 in 1:10.  I walked to the store and bought more groceries than usual. I texted the family and they pulled over on their way home from a different store so I could give them the groceries. Then I walked the rest of the way. 

Monday - 11,897
Tuesday - 7,245
Wednesday - 5,011
Thursday - 956
Friday - 6,421
Saturday - 15,575
Sunday - 11,051*

Total: 58,156

* I know Sunday's total is low. The pedometer only tracked about 5000 steps on the way to the grocery store and back. That should be around 8400 steps for that time/distance.

Obviously there is room for improvement overall and in steps.  I'm pondering changing my work hours back to my usual "Winter" hours which have me getting up an hour earlier and walking at lunch. The problem: It will soon be >100 degrees at lunch time every day.  My other option is to walk in the morning before work but I'm feeling really nervous and creeped out about walking in the dark.  I know it was my habit for years but now I'm feeling quite afraid of it. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Activity 04/14 - 04/20

Tuesday - Walking 1.8 miles. I walked on my breaks and quickly at lunch and managed some miles. 
Tuesday - Spin 8 miles/40 minutes.  While putting the kids to bed etc. I managed this.  I did 10 rounds of 2 minutes standing hills and 1 minute recovery. 
Wednesday - Spin video. I found this on Youtube and rode along with a group. It was a well done video with clear cues.  I guessed 11 miles in 40 minutes. 
Thursday - Walking 3.2 in 1:05.  This was a combination of walking on breaks and mostly during lunch. 
Friday - 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.  Friday lunch walk to Chipotle with a friend.  Lovely. 
Saturday - no exercise.  Shopping.  Getting stuff done.  Installing a water softener (mostly done by my wife and our family friend who was our total hero). 
Sunday - Glider. We got a Gazelle Glider for free off Craigslist and this was my first time to try it out.  It's a better workout than walking but not as good as spinning or running.  Very boring. I went 25 minutes. 
Sunday - Spin 1 hour.  Good spin. Warm up, then 1 minute effort (standing or sitting) and 1 minute recovery.  Then warm down. 

Monday - 5,072
Tuesday - 10,186
Wednesday - 6,349
Thursday - 11,251
Friday - 9,905
Saturday - 7,354
Sunday - 5,167
Total: 55,284

General:  We are getting ready to take a much needed vacation for a few days. I hope it goes well.  A few of the things going on in our lives this week:  Broken garage door opener, Old/dead Water softener, we need a new A/C and heating system, the cat is very sick, realizing that the dryer vent desperately needs cleaned before we can use it.  We have been trying to get all of those issues handled as quickly and safely and wisely as possible but it has all caused a lot of stress both financially and emotionally.  Both kids have been sick with colds or sore throats for parts of the last 2 weeks. 

In other words - life. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Activity 04/07 - 04/13

Well this week wasn't ideal either but it's better than the one before.  Some or all of the family has been sick for the past week whether with bad allergies, sore throat and cold, or some undefined stomach bug. 

Monday - 1.2 mile walk in 20 minutes. This is what I could fit in.  The family is sick so I went or a quick walk while the dinner was cooking.
Tuesday - 1.8 mile walk in 35 minutes.  Walked around on morning break and lunch.
Tuesday - 51 minutes.   Tri Harder climb spins. I was going to do a spin session on YouTube but the Wii was out so I listened to a podcast.  It's a good workout but I wish it were longer. 
Wednesday - Spin for an hour.  Warmed up and down and in between 1 standing hill, 1 standing recovery. Repeat.  Intersperse a lot of letting the dogs in or out, dealing with kids, etc.
Thursday - 2.4 mile walk in 42 minutes. After work walk after a day of very little sleep and lost time at work.
Friday - Lunch walk and break walk. 
Saturday - 3.9 miles 70 minutes.  Walked to and from the grocery store against a very strong wind coming home.
Sunday - Walk of > 4 miles in 1:15.  I was going to ride my bike but then expected rain. It never rained but was very humid (gross). 

Monday - 8,673
Tuesday - 12,956
Wednesday - 5,288
Thursday - 10,487
Friday - 10,159
Saturday - 12,351
Sunday - 10,346 *
Total - 70,260

* The Sunday number should be higher.  For some reason the pedometer didn't pick up many steps on my walk. I walked 1:15 which normally would be between 9000 and 9750 steps.  At the end of the walk, my pedometer had only picked up about 5000-5500 steps. 

I've started tracking my food and activity on the Livestrong app again.  On one hand I want to follow the Approaching the Natural philosophy completely but on the other, my weight is so high... I need to fit into my clothes and feel comfortable in my body. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Activity (or lack thereof) 03/31 - 04/06

Not a great week but I should be consistent in posting.  My activity:

Monday - Good evening spin for an hour.  I did a warm up, 25 rounds of 1 fast standing and 1 sitting recovery and warm down.  We watched the end of HIMYM.  I called 1/2 of the "surprise" ending about a month ago and then read speculation about the other half so it was not a surprise to me.  But I did not like the ending. 
Wednesday - Lunchtime walk. 2 miles approximately. I walked to and from walk as well as on morning break.  Felt like crud because of the pollen but at least I did it.
Wednesday (2) - I did a solid zone 2 spin. No racing. Just steady and let my mind wander while watching TV. 
Weekend - I had no activity over the weekend.  I had a very uncomfortable and personal medical issue that prevented my doing anything from Friday to Sunday.  It seems to be healing so hopefully I can get back to some activity soon. 

Steps - I had a good week with steps.  But after a few months of a lot of frustration with my phone, on Friday I reset it to the factory defaults. It didn't occur to me to record the steps before I did that. 

Weight - I weighed myself on Sunday.  Wow.  I had no idea how much weight I had gained. I knew that I gained enough that my pants aren't fitting and that I can see it but in pounds, I had no idea.  Wow.  I'm disappointed. At the same time, I'm aware that there are a lot of issues going on right now: family stress and commitments, allergies (mine and daughter's), broken treadmill.  I need to eat less junk/chocolate and less snacking.  But other than that, I'm not really committed to making a lot of other changes at this point. 


Monday, March 31, 2014

Activity 3/24 - 3/30

I took lots and lots of steps this week.  I'd say that most of the week I did a great job just fitting in what I could fit in. 

Monday - 3.6 miles in 1:15.  My wife had been out of town all weekend helping her folks so I told her on the phone that I needed to go for a walk when she got home.  It was lovely to just breathe deeply and be alone for that time.
Tuesday - 2.5 miles in 50 minutes.  It's a combination of lunch time walk to meet a friend, afternoon break walk, and walk with the family and dogs after work. 
Wednesday - Spin biking.  1 hour interrupted: The traditional... Warm up, 10 x 2 minute standing hill 1 minute recovery,warm down, stop, put the kids to bed, lay down with the 6 year old, get up, ride 20 minutes mostly steady seated resistance.
Thursday - Walk 2.55 miles in 55 minutes.  Walked on break at work and also with the family after work. 
Friday - 4.15 miles in 1:15.  I walked on my morning break and then left work early to enjoy being outside. I walked to the store for food for dinner and just barely beat the rain and hail home.
Saturday - 3.65 miles in 1:05.  Early morning walk.  Crisp and clear. 
Sunday - 1.5. mile walk. I woke up all stuffy and with a sore throat.  I took an allergy pill but still felt like crap all day.  Still, I felt too still so I took a 30 minute walk. 

Steps:Monday - 17,123 *
Tuesday - 11,308
Wednesday - 8,296
Thursday - 13,804
Friday - 16,005
Saturday - 16,701
Sunday - 8,451
Total - 91,688 **

* New one day record!
** New one week record!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Activity 03/17 - 03/23

This was the first of a few very busy weeks for the family.  Busy weeks that don't really lend themselves to a lot of exercise.  Add to that the fact that the treadmill seems to be broken and ...

Monday - I took a lunchtime walk of 2.5 miles and then 1.6 after work with my little girl on her bike. All in all I managed to put together > an hour of walking so I was pretty happy with that.
Tuesday - I walked for about 30 minutes while a co-worker was at the doctor's appointment I drove her to.  It was nice out. Employees kept asking if I was having trouble finding an office.  Later, I did a spin workout for an hour.  I really burned my legs doing 5 sets of 3 minute seated hills with 1 minute recovery. Then I did 5 sets of 2 minute seated hills with 1 minute recovery.  Ow.
Thursday - 55 minutes of steady easy spin.
Friday - 2.0 miles walking during lunch and then afternoon walk to the bank.
Saturday - 1:05 spinning. I found a good and free spin class on YouTube and tried one.  Really hard interval work but then the internet connection hung up at about 35 minutes so I finished it out sort of emulating those intervals.
Sunday - 1:10 spinning.  I did 1 and 1 intervals.  5 sitting, 5 standing until I was done.  Hard but not killer. 

I tried to keep my steps up throughout the week whether it was pacing while cooking or laundry or walking to the mailbox. 

Monday - 14,705
Tuesday - 10,334
Wednesday - 9,182
Thursday - 7,016
Friday - 12,212
Saturday - 10,674
Sunday - 8,170
Total - 72,293

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby/Big Brother Blankets

I made blankets for a friend's baby and for her 6 year old.  The friend is mostly an online friend but we have met a few times.  I needed a project and thought she would appreciate it.  The blanket is one I may have made before from a book of blankets with large borders that I have.  It was fun and easy to make.  

I asked the friend what colors her son likes and see said orange, gold, yellow so I made this with assorted yarn - some that we had and some that I had to go and get.  I had a hard time finding the rainbow variegated but I do like the more orange/yellow/green variegated.  This blanket seemed to go very slowly which is strange because the last big granny square blanket I made was done in about 8-10 days.  

I'll see my friend this weekend to give her both blankets. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Activity 03/10 - 03/16

Last week was not nearly as impressive as the previous few weeks.  I was hit really hard by daylight savings time which has never happened before.  In the past, I've always woken up extra early in the weeks following both time switches.  Not this year.  I felt exhausted all week and even woke up to the alarm three times last week (usually I wake to the alarm about 1-2 times a month).  My summary:

Monday - 2 miles walking including a short break at work and walking while the kids rode their bikes after work.
Tuesday - 2.25 miles including a short break at work and then walking on the treadmill while cooking dinner. 
Wednesday - 45 minutes on the spin bike.  22 rounds of 1 standing hill and 1 recovery.  Good workout.
Friday - I walked downtown with a friend at lunch time.  1.5 miles.
Sunday - 3.5 miles in the morning. It was crisp and cold but not drizzly so it was quite nice. 

Monday - 13,058
Tuesday - 11,131
Wednesday - 10,703
Thursday - 9,749
Friday - 10,168
Saturday - 5,924
Sunday - 12,182
Total - 72,915

Step summary - So even though I didn't get as much formal exercise in, I did manage a respectable number of steps (55 more than the previous week). 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Activity 03/03/ - 03/09

Another good active week.  I managed more consistent steps I think but we'll find out when I total the steps below. 

Monday - Good spin. I warmed up, then 20 rounds of 1 minute seated climb, 1 minute recovery, then warmed down.  Got a very good burn going.
Tuesday - Another good hard spin.  After warm up, I did 5 x 3 minutes standing hill with 1 minute recovery. Then another 5 x 2 minutes standing hill and 1 minute recovery.
Wednesday - Walking an hour on the treadmill and 15 minutes during my afternoon break at work.  3.5 miles combined.
Thursday - Walked on the treadmill and also 20 minutes while waiting for an appointment.  For some reason I don't see it on the graph.
Friday - 2 miles on walking to lunch and another 10 minutes around the building on break.
Saturday - I went for a walk in gloomy and sprinkling weather. After about 30 minutes it poured and I got soaked walking home.  It was around 2 miles in 40 minutes.
Saturday part 2 - Spin about 14 miles in 1 hour.  I did 25 x 1 minute hill and 1 minute recovery and alternated sitting and standing for the hills.  Very hard and good.
Sunday - Steady spin. I went 40 minutes steady. 

Monday - 4,455
Tuesday - 15,090
Wednesday - 10,790
Thursday - 11,027
Friday - 12,683
Saturday - 10,260
Sunday - 8,555
Total - 72,860

Monday, March 3, 2014

Activity 2/24 - 03/02

I had another good week this week.  I know that my steps were lower than last week but still a good week:

Monday - 60 minute spin while watching our Monday evening silly ABC Family TV shows.  I cranked up the resistance every 2 minutes for 3 separate cycles but still felt like it as a bit blah.
Tuesday - 3 mile walk in 60 minutes.  I got up in the morning to walk with Coach Jeff as he ran 24 hours to raise money for his medical treatment. 
Wednesday - Really good early spin. I watched the end of Food Inc., then a bit of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  I did 15 x 1 minute standing hill/1 minute recovery. Then 5 x 2 minute standing hill /1 seated recovery.
Thursday - I have no memory why I have nothing on the day or what the day looked like...
Friday - 1.6 miles in 28 minutes. I walked to the library to return a book and check a few out over lunch. I was just gorgeous outside.
Saturday - 3.5 miles in 1:05. I went for a walk in the fog and drizzle and it actually felt wonderful. We have a ceramic space heater and I find that when I wake up in the morning I am quite stuffed up.  I had been running the humidifier but then it got warmer and I put it away... 
Sunday - 1.9 miles in 34 minutes. I walked to the store.  I planed to walk both ways but on the way the wind blew and the temperature dropped 20 degrees (no exaggeration) and then it started to rain as I was at the store.  The family came to pick me up and it all turned out for the best because we had company in the afternoon and I could help clean the house.
Sunday #2 - I spun in the evening while watching the Oscars.  The awards shows are not quite the same thing if you haven't seen most of the movies. Still a nice evening.  Between warm up/down I did 20 x 1 minute seated hill and 1 minute recovery.  Wow. My legs burned.

Monday - 6,249
Tuesday - 12,425
Wednesday - 7,871
Thursday - 5,576
Friday - 8,213
Saturday - 11,331
Sunday - 9,955
Total - 61,620

Monday, February 24, 2014

Activity 2/17 - 2/23

I had another good activity week. I notice that since I've given myself permission to work just any activity into my day, since I've said it's ok if it's just 10 minutes, I've been able to be active nearly every day.  And most days I'm not getting interrupted at 10 minutes.  It's sort of magical. 

Monday - 3.8 miles in 1:04.  I walked to the store and back to get stuff to make dinner.  I love doing that!
Tuesday - Treadmill walk of 1.75 miles in 35 minutes before making dinner for the kids and I.  Then spun while watching the Olympics - 40 minutes.  I did 15 rounds of 1 minute seated climb and 1 minute recovery. 
Wednesday - Busy day with kid well checks and wife chiropractic and working part of the day at home.  I hit the treadmill to get in 3.1 miles walking in an hour. 
Thursday - Awesome spin!  An hour with 3 rounds going 3 minutes standing hill, 3 minute recovery, 2 minutes standing hill, 2 minute recovery, 1 minute standing hill, 1 minute recovery.
Friday - Lunch time walk on an errand.  2.2 miles in 40 minutes.
Saturday - Neighborhood walk sandwiched into a busy day. 3.09 in 58 minutes.
Sunday - Early morning neighborhood walk.  It was lovely out and I waited for the sun to come out and then enjoyed the stillness.3.52 miles in 1:04.

Every week when I go to print that picture above, I notice that some of my workouts are listed on the wrong day and I have to change.  This week it occurred to me that maybe dailymile thinks I'm in another time zone.  Sure enough that was the issue.  Of course now, it shifted my workouts again...

Monday I made my 4th blood platelet donation of the year.  I went for a triple and unfortunately that was a bit too long.  I felt sick and they had to pull the needle quickly.  On the upside, it was a valid donation and my platelets helped numerous patients.  On the downside, I'm now deferred for 8 weeks. 

Monday - 11,463
Tuesday - 10,438
Wednesday - 13,759
Thursday - 4,845
Friday - 10,470
Saturday - 12,720
Sunday - 15,148
Total - 78,843

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Activity 2/10 - 2/16

It's a few days late to be posting but I wanted to be consistent about posting some activity.  Last week:

Monday - I got up early to fit in 2.55 miles in 50 minutes on the treadmill. 
Tuesday - Treadmill again 3.05 miles in 1 hour while the wife worked and the kids played.
Wednesday - Spin while watching Olympic coverage. I started with 5x3 standing hills with 1 minute recovery. Then 5x2, then 5x1. This ride was a real challenge to my conviction to take whatever I can work in since I had to get off the bike to let the dogs out, let the dogs in, tell the kids to stop clowning around and go to sleep, let the cat through the gate, let the cat back through the gate the other way, check on the clowning kids, and answer the phone.
Thursday - Lunch walk. 1.75 miles in 30 minutes.
Friday - The day was beautiful out so I took a few hours off and took ChocolateDaughter to hike at the park along with out friends and their dog (and a houseguest dog).  We didn't cover many miles but it was beautiful and fun.  I guestimated 3 hours but that's probably high.
Saturday - 3.4 miles in just over an hour. The day was beautiful out and although I felt busy and had a lot to do, I just enjoyed the sun and wind.
Sunday - I indulged in lazy!  I took the kids to cheer at the marathon but otherwise watched Olympics and crocheted. 

Monday - 10,835
Tuesday - 11,201
Wednesday - 9,038
Thursday - 8,993
Friday - 11,943
Saturday - 12,691
Sunday - 4,419
Total - 69,120 - Not as good or consistent as the week before. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Exercise 2/3/2014 - 2/10/2014

I haven't posted an Exercise log in a long time but I've been feeling like it's time to get back to it.  I'm trying to make sure that I get some activity every day or if not every day, 5-6 days a week.  Some days it's 30 minutes walking, some days spin biking.  I re-installed a walking counter on my phone last Monday.  I know that the counter is not accurate (under counting, not over) but it's still a good measure for me and motivates me to go just a little farther every day. 

Monday - I walked for 30 minutes (1.75 miles) at lunch time.  Then spun 45 minutes/9 miles (estimate) in the evening. I was super stressed and upset in the evening so the spin was a matter of mental and emotional health.
Tuesday - I spun an hour while watching Food, Inc. I haven't finished it but am close.  What a very good movie.  Warmed up. Then 15 x 1 standing hill, 1 recovery. Then 5 x 2 standing hill, 1 recovery. And warmed down.
Wednesday - My friend and I walked down to Chipotle for lunch.  30 minutes and 1.75 miles.  Then I got in another 1.5 miles/30 minutes on the treadmill between dinner and kid bedtime.
Thursday - No activity but my normal walking around and folding laundry because I donated platelets.  It was my third donation of 2014 and 2nd triple of the year.  I'm very happy with my donations so far this year.
Friday - Treadmill walk of 3.05 in an hour. 
Saturday - I went for an outside and sunny beautiful walk.  3.50 miles in 1:05. 
Sunday - I again went for a walk on an even more beautiful day.  Chocolate Daughter went with me to start but she has been sick and we didn't want to tire her out.  Total was about 3.25 miles in 1:05.

My step app shows:
Monday - 8,190 but I only installed it around noon so assuming I walked 2000 steps in the morning, I was over 10,000 for the day. Also I did a spin in the evening.
Tuesday - 7,385 steps plus spin.
Wednesday - 12,430
Thursday - 5,980 (platelet donation)
Friday - 13,766
Saturday - 13,648
Sunday - 12,876
Total: 74,275

Monday, January 6, 2014

Circle Sweater for Chiara

I have not posted in a long time.  I've continued doing some crochet although I've been projecting slower and slower.  I made this circle sweater and gave it to Chiara for Hanukkah.  She was very surprised in spite of the fact that I kept asking her to try it on.  I told her it was for a friend and she was completely believing.  I got the pattern from a site link on Ravelry but had to make adjustments (double crochet rather than double-triple).