Monday, May 5, 2014

Activity 04/28 - 05/04

I know... I skipped a week.  That week the first part was good and the second part we went to the beach so we did a lot of walking to the beach and shops and restaurants and playing in the water but not much that I would record. 

So last week:
Monday - Walking 3.5 miles in 1:05.  I took the day off so I could catch up on laundry and such (7 loads) when we got home from the beach Sunday but managed to go for a walk in the neighborhood.  My phone died during the walk so I don't know exact time/distance/steps but this should be close.
Tuesday - Spin biking.  Zone 2 for 45 minutes. 
Wednesday - Spin session.  Hard work. I did warm up then 10 rounds of 2 minutes standing hill with 1 minute recovery. Then 10 rounds of 1 minute sitting hard with 1 minute recovery. Then warmed down. 
Thursday - Nothing.  I had a terrible terrible sinus/Migraine.  I went to work, came home from work to dunk my head and sleep, and then got up and worked from home a bit but activity was just not possible or advisable.
Saturday - Walking 4:05 in 1:15.  What a busy day.  Errands and more errands, lunch with family, more errands.  I finally got a walk into the day in the afternoon. It was hot out but still a good loosening walk.
Sunday - Walking 3.9 in 1:10.  I walked to the store and bought more groceries than usual. I texted the family and they pulled over on their way home from a different store so I could give them the groceries. Then I walked the rest of the way. 

Monday - 11,897
Tuesday - 7,245
Wednesday - 5,011
Thursday - 956
Friday - 6,421
Saturday - 15,575
Sunday - 11,051*

Total: 58,156

* I know Sunday's total is low. The pedometer only tracked about 5000 steps on the way to the grocery store and back. That should be around 8400 steps for that time/distance.

Obviously there is room for improvement overall and in steps.  I'm pondering changing my work hours back to my usual "Winter" hours which have me getting up an hour earlier and walking at lunch. The problem: It will soon be >100 degrees at lunch time every day.  My other option is to walk in the morning before work but I'm feeling really nervous and creeped out about walking in the dark.  I know it was my habit for years but now I'm feeling quite afraid of it. 

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