Monday, May 19, 2014

Activity 5/12 - 5/18

Wow. Look at that... Green on every day.  I had a really good activity week last week. I was in training all week which meant that I could wear jeans & T-shirts and sneakers to class. It also meant that every time we took a break or I finished a lab early or even after eating lunch on our long lunches, I went outside and walked.  It was sort of awesome but also creates quite a precedent for my first week with my fitbit.

So basically every weekday walking before/during training.
Thursday - Spinning with 24. I found that the newest 24 is on Hulu so I'm watching it while working out.  I always think it is the perfect show for watching while working out because you can just start and stop the show without having to finish the episode.  I only went 30 minutes (6 x 3 seated climbs (yes, my quads were burning) and 1 minute recoveries). 
Saturday - Early spin. I went an hour with 25 x 1 minute standing and 1 minute recovery. 
Sunday - Walked 45 minutes until the family woke up.

Hmmm.  I gained back 2 of the 4 pounds I have lost. I'm pretty sure it's a "that time of the month issue..."

The fitbit is pretty awesome.  I've kicked my goal up to 11,500 and met it every day.  We'll see if I can continue to say that now that I'm back to working my regular job. 

Monday - 11,481
Tuesday - 12,538
Wednesday - 13,687
Thursday - 15,604
Friday - 15,809
Saturday - 15,166
Sunday - 14,991 (clearly I would have walked 9 more steps had I realized how close I was)

Total: 99,276

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