Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Activity 05/26 - 06/01

Monday - Monday was a holiday but I still had plans so I managed 2 x 30 minute walks - one in the morning and one in the evening.  Both were humid and sort of uncomfortable.
Tuesday - Spin in the morning.  I did 15 x 2 seated hills with 1 minute recovery between. 
Wednesday - Glider for 50 minutes before making dinner.
Thursday - Spin for 1 hour. Mostly zone 2 with some surges. 
Friday - Walked about 3.6 in 1:10.  I was home early from work so I walked in 93 degrees - wow I could feel it. Then picked up Rachel's car from the shop. 
Saturday - Walked 4.1 early in the morning. It wasn't too hot but it was humid out. I did a little bit of running but mostly just walking.
Sunday - Walked to the grocery store and back, picking up cans and bottles on the way home. Humidity was 100% and it felt like it. 

I felt like it was a good week, activity-wise.  I haven't weighed myself in a while and don't really feel driven to do it. I may be starting to lose but I'm not frantic about it. I'm still logging my calories on my fitbit so there's that. 

Speaking of the fitbit:

Monday - 13,548
Tuesday - 12,583
Wednesday - 16,467
Thursday - 11,142
Friday - 14,704
Saturday - 14,786
Sunday - 14,186

Total: 97,416

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