Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Activity 06/02 - 06/08

I had a pretty good week activity-wise. 

Monday - Morning spin. I spun in the morning doing 25 rounds of 1 standing and 1 down.  Good and sweaty. 
Monday - Walked 1.5 miles after work.
Tuesday - I walked on the gazelle in the morning for 35 minutes. I have no idea how to estimate mileage on that type machine.
Wednesday - 46 minutes spinning. Nice steady zone 2.
Thursday - I took the day off from exercise although I went to the blood center and donated a double of platelets (big double - 8.8). I am trying to catch up after 3 months off (2 months deferred and then trouble getting scheduled).  I still want to donate at least 12 times this year if not more.
Friday - 3.9 miles. I took the day off Friday for a variety of reasons.  I walked to the grocery store in 100% humidity. 
Friday - Tree sawing.  I sawed down 3 trees and chopped up the branches.
Saturday - I meant to work out but it just couldn't fit into the day.  My wife was sick all day and I spent the day doing errands and housework and then the guy came to install the garage door opener and I couldn't leave while he was there all day.
Sunday - 3.8 miles walking.  I walked to the store again in light rain and then home with groceries. I picked up recycling on the way home again.

Fitbit steps:

Monday - 12,249
Tuesday - 17,115
Wednesday - 12,116
Thursday - 12,083
Friday - 20,090
Saturday - 12,465
Sunday - 15,450

Total: 101,568

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