Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Activity 06/10 - 06/16

Monday - 1.5 miles walking while ChocolateDaughter rode her bike.  Fun walk.
Tuesday - 10 miles Cycling in 48 minutes.  A very refreshing and good but hot bike ride. I came home before an hour because I thought I would ride with ChocolateDaughter but she was busy.
Wednesday - 4.05 in 1:00 on the treadmill. Mostly walking. I wanted to run some but just felt too hot. 
Saturday - 15.7 miles Cycling in 1:13.  Nice ride with high humidity.  Got home and CD was riding around so she and I rode another 1.5 miles.
Sunday - 2.06 mile walk in 32 minutes while both kids rode their bikes.  They did really well taking turns leading.

Steps - 53,182
My steps weren't as good as in previous weeks.  I can't post the daily steps because Noom rolled out a new app called Noom Walk and I don't see that I can access daily totals any longer.  So I only see weekly steps. Still, I should be getting >= 70,000.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Star Baby Blanket

I finished this blanket a week or two ago for a co-worker who is having  a girl and a very traditional color scheme. It is the same blanket that I made a few years ago.  It is fun and easy although it gets very tedious on the last few rows.  I used partially leftover yarn and a few skeins of new yarn. 

We went to the shower on Saturday and it went over very well.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Activity 06/03 - 06/09

I feel like there are some things not showing up on this pic but ... 

Monday - Strength training workout. Coach Jeff's set up. 
Tuesday - 1.6 walk to library.
Tuesday - 3.56 walk/run in 1:00. Tried to do a treadmill run in the garage. I turned on Doctor Who for the kids and set my watch to zone 2.  It was hot.  Very hot. Extremely hot.  I ran for about 15 minutes.  Then later another 3-4.  Mostly it was walking. 
Wednesday - 2.0 in 40 minutes in the garage.  Ok. Tuesday it was so hot I was afraid I would pass out.  The garage faces West.  So I brought home a thermometer a friend has at work and put it in the sun/out of the sun by the treadmill (half in/half out at that time of day).  Here are the results:

Yeah... we moved the treadmill into the house on Thursday. I think that will be more sane.
Wednesday -  20 minutes core. I usually do 30 minutes but between the heat of the treadmill and getting the kids fed and being hungry myself, I cut it at 20.  Good work though.
Thursday - Cycling 15.5 in 1:17.  I took time off work to donate blood platelets but my iron was low (37). It was my first time in a while to fail the crit check.  Since I was off anyway (and using leave time) I rode my bike.  As I turned onto our street, there was ChocolateDaughter pedaling away on her bike for the first time! 
Sunday - Cycling 12.5 in 1:03.  I got up early to fit a ride into our busy day.  Glad I did too as it was a total downpour shortly after I got home. 

Weight - ?? I don't know. I've been frustrated and feeling blech so I've done no calorie tracking and didn't weigh this week. I will get back to it.

Steps - A lot of either not carrying my phone or it not tracking while I'm on the treadmill but here are the numbers anyway:
Monday - 10,018
Tuesday - 13,379
Wednesday -  7,953
Thursday - 9,980
Friday - 3,087
Saturday - 1,862
Sunday - 8,801

Monday, June 3, 2013

Activity 05/27 - 06/02

It was a bit of a strange week as part of the family was still out of town and then they got back and it stayed a strange week.  I got in some workouts:

Monday - 3.08 Treadmill walk in 1:00.  My son was not very patient. We had an agreement to go get FroYo and he nagged me about when we were going. He also asked if the Santa Claus myth exists just to get kids to go to bed. 
Tuesday - Core work.  30 minutes of good core work on the floor and ball.
Wednesday - 5 miles in 1:15 or so at Walnut creek.  A good mix of running and walking.  Did 1:00/1:00 ratio and sweat like a pig in 86 degrees.  Joy was the portopotty in the parking lot at the end of this one.
Wednesday - I did a short chest/back/legs workout. Basically I did the Coach Jeff workout but skipped the core work since I had done full core the day before.
Friday - 4.0 miles.  I got off work early on because of was our company picnic.  I walked to the store and back with a little bit of food.  Very hot - 90. 
Saturday - Nice bike ride.  15 miles in <1:15.  I didn't push it and it felt great.  I fully intended to do strength training later in the day but had a bad experience at lunch and my stomach did not settle well after that.
Sunday - The best laid intentions and all that...  I woke up with stomach cramps like heartburn and it lasted all day (literally every moment of the day).  The family took a short (30 minute) walk/bike ride around the neighborhood but that was it.

My weight was up a few ounces to 167.8.  Arggghh.

My step count was plagued by times that I didn't have my phone in my pocket and one day that the phone clearly didn't count steps well.  But here are the numbers anyway:
Monday - 11,192
Tuesday - 7,160
Wednesday - 13,107
Thursday - 4,863
Friday - 11,625
Saturday - 6,057
Sunday - 5,901

I'd like to get those counts back up this week.