Monday, June 10, 2013

Activity 06/03 - 06/09

I feel like there are some things not showing up on this pic but ... 

Monday - Strength training workout. Coach Jeff's set up. 
Tuesday - 1.6 walk to library.
Tuesday - 3.56 walk/run in 1:00. Tried to do a treadmill run in the garage. I turned on Doctor Who for the kids and set my watch to zone 2.  It was hot.  Very hot. Extremely hot.  I ran for about 15 minutes.  Then later another 3-4.  Mostly it was walking. 
Wednesday - 2.0 in 40 minutes in the garage.  Ok. Tuesday it was so hot I was afraid I would pass out.  The garage faces West.  So I brought home a thermometer a friend has at work and put it in the sun/out of the sun by the treadmill (half in/half out at that time of day).  Here are the results:

Yeah... we moved the treadmill into the house on Thursday. I think that will be more sane.
Wednesday -  20 minutes core. I usually do 30 minutes but between the heat of the treadmill and getting the kids fed and being hungry myself, I cut it at 20.  Good work though.
Thursday - Cycling 15.5 in 1:17.  I took time off work to donate blood platelets but my iron was low (37). It was my first time in a while to fail the crit check.  Since I was off anyway (and using leave time) I rode my bike.  As I turned onto our street, there was ChocolateDaughter pedaling away on her bike for the first time! 
Sunday - Cycling 12.5 in 1:03.  I got up early to fit a ride into our busy day.  Glad I did too as it was a total downpour shortly after I got home. 

Weight - ?? I don't know. I've been frustrated and feeling blech so I've done no calorie tracking and didn't weigh this week. I will get back to it.

Steps - A lot of either not carrying my phone or it not tracking while I'm on the treadmill but here are the numbers anyway:
Monday - 10,018
Tuesday - 13,379
Wednesday -  7,953
Thursday - 9,980
Friday - 3,087
Saturday - 1,862
Sunday - 8,801

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