Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Activity 04/14 - 04/20

Tuesday - Walking 1.8 miles. I walked on my breaks and quickly at lunch and managed some miles. 
Tuesday - Spin 8 miles/40 minutes.  While putting the kids to bed etc. I managed this.  I did 10 rounds of 2 minutes standing hills and 1 minute recovery. 
Wednesday - Spin video. I found this on Youtube and rode along with a group. It was a well done video with clear cues.  I guessed 11 miles in 40 minutes. 
Thursday - Walking 3.2 in 1:05.  This was a combination of walking on breaks and mostly during lunch. 
Friday - 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.  Friday lunch walk to Chipotle with a friend.  Lovely. 
Saturday - no exercise.  Shopping.  Getting stuff done.  Installing a water softener (mostly done by my wife and our family friend who was our total hero). 
Sunday - Glider. We got a Gazelle Glider for free off Craigslist and this was my first time to try it out.  It's a better workout than walking but not as good as spinning or running.  Very boring. I went 25 minutes. 
Sunday - Spin 1 hour.  Good spin. Warm up, then 1 minute effort (standing or sitting) and 1 minute recovery.  Then warm down. 

Monday - 5,072
Tuesday - 10,186
Wednesday - 6,349
Thursday - 11,251
Friday - 9,905
Saturday - 7,354
Sunday - 5,167
Total: 55,284

General:  We are getting ready to take a much needed vacation for a few days. I hope it goes well.  A few of the things going on in our lives this week:  Broken garage door opener, Old/dead Water softener, we need a new A/C and heating system, the cat is very sick, realizing that the dryer vent desperately needs cleaned before we can use it.  We have been trying to get all of those issues handled as quickly and safely and wisely as possible but it has all caused a lot of stress both financially and emotionally.  Both kids have been sick with colds or sore throats for parts of the last 2 weeks. 

In other words - life. 

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