Monday, April 14, 2014

Activity 04/07 - 04/13

Well this week wasn't ideal either but it's better than the one before.  Some or all of the family has been sick for the past week whether with bad allergies, sore throat and cold, or some undefined stomach bug. 

Monday - 1.2 mile walk in 20 minutes. This is what I could fit in.  The family is sick so I went or a quick walk while the dinner was cooking.
Tuesday - 1.8 mile walk in 35 minutes.  Walked around on morning break and lunch.
Tuesday - 51 minutes.   Tri Harder climb spins. I was going to do a spin session on YouTube but the Wii was out so I listened to a podcast.  It's a good workout but I wish it were longer. 
Wednesday - Spin for an hour.  Warmed up and down and in between 1 standing hill, 1 standing recovery. Repeat.  Intersperse a lot of letting the dogs in or out, dealing with kids, etc.
Thursday - 2.4 mile walk in 42 minutes. After work walk after a day of very little sleep and lost time at work.
Friday - Lunch walk and break walk. 
Saturday - 3.9 miles 70 minutes.  Walked to and from the grocery store against a very strong wind coming home.
Sunday - Walk of > 4 miles in 1:15.  I was going to ride my bike but then expected rain. It never rained but was very humid (gross). 

Monday - 8,673
Tuesday - 12,956
Wednesday - 5,288
Thursday - 10,487
Friday - 10,159
Saturday - 12,351
Sunday - 10,346 *
Total - 70,260

* The Sunday number should be higher.  For some reason the pedometer didn't pick up many steps on my walk. I walked 1:15 which normally would be between 9000 and 9750 steps.  At the end of the walk, my pedometer had only picked up about 5000-5500 steps. 

I've started tracking my food and activity on the Livestrong app again.  On one hand I want to follow the Approaching the Natural philosophy completely but on the other, my weight is so high... I need to fit into my clothes and feel comfortable in my body. 

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