Monday, February 10, 2014

Exercise 2/3/2014 - 2/10/2014

I haven't posted an Exercise log in a long time but I've been feeling like it's time to get back to it.  I'm trying to make sure that I get some activity every day or if not every day, 5-6 days a week.  Some days it's 30 minutes walking, some days spin biking.  I re-installed a walking counter on my phone last Monday.  I know that the counter is not accurate (under counting, not over) but it's still a good measure for me and motivates me to go just a little farther every day. 

Monday - I walked for 30 minutes (1.75 miles) at lunch time.  Then spun 45 minutes/9 miles (estimate) in the evening. I was super stressed and upset in the evening so the spin was a matter of mental and emotional health.
Tuesday - I spun an hour while watching Food, Inc. I haven't finished it but am close.  What a very good movie.  Warmed up. Then 15 x 1 standing hill, 1 recovery. Then 5 x 2 standing hill, 1 recovery. And warmed down.
Wednesday - My friend and I walked down to Chipotle for lunch.  30 minutes and 1.75 miles.  Then I got in another 1.5 miles/30 minutes on the treadmill between dinner and kid bedtime.
Thursday - No activity but my normal walking around and folding laundry because I donated platelets.  It was my third donation of 2014 and 2nd triple of the year.  I'm very happy with my donations so far this year.
Friday - Treadmill walk of 3.05 in an hour. 
Saturday - I went for an outside and sunny beautiful walk.  3.50 miles in 1:05. 
Sunday - I again went for a walk on an even more beautiful day.  Chocolate Daughter went with me to start but she has been sick and we didn't want to tire her out.  Total was about 3.25 miles in 1:05.

My step app shows:
Monday - 8,190 but I only installed it around noon so assuming I walked 2000 steps in the morning, I was over 10,000 for the day. Also I did a spin in the evening.
Tuesday - 7,385 steps plus spin.
Wednesday - 12,430
Thursday - 5,980 (platelet donation)
Friday - 13,766
Saturday - 13,648
Sunday - 12,876
Total: 74,275

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