Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Activity 03/17 - 03/23

This was the first of a few very busy weeks for the family.  Busy weeks that don't really lend themselves to a lot of exercise.  Add to that the fact that the treadmill seems to be broken and ...

Monday - I took a lunchtime walk of 2.5 miles and then 1.6 after work with my little girl on her bike. All in all I managed to put together > an hour of walking so I was pretty happy with that.
Tuesday - I walked for about 30 minutes while a co-worker was at the doctor's appointment I drove her to.  It was nice out. Employees kept asking if I was having trouble finding an office.  Later, I did a spin workout for an hour.  I really burned my legs doing 5 sets of 3 minute seated hills with 1 minute recovery. Then I did 5 sets of 2 minute seated hills with 1 minute recovery.  Ow.
Thursday - 55 minutes of steady easy spin.
Friday - 2.0 miles walking during lunch and then afternoon walk to the bank.
Saturday - 1:05 spinning. I found a good and free spin class on YouTube and tried one.  Really hard interval work but then the internet connection hung up at about 35 minutes so I finished it out sort of emulating those intervals.
Sunday - 1:10 spinning.  I did 1 and 1 intervals.  5 sitting, 5 standing until I was done.  Hard but not killer. 

I tried to keep my steps up throughout the week whether it was pacing while cooking or laundry or walking to the mailbox. 

Monday - 14,705
Tuesday - 10,334
Wednesday - 9,182
Thursday - 7,016
Friday - 12,212
Saturday - 10,674
Sunday - 8,170
Total - 72,293

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