Monday, March 17, 2014

Activity 03/10 - 03/16

Last week was not nearly as impressive as the previous few weeks.  I was hit really hard by daylight savings time which has never happened before.  In the past, I've always woken up extra early in the weeks following both time switches.  Not this year.  I felt exhausted all week and even woke up to the alarm three times last week (usually I wake to the alarm about 1-2 times a month).  My summary:

Monday - 2 miles walking including a short break at work and walking while the kids rode their bikes after work.
Tuesday - 2.25 miles including a short break at work and then walking on the treadmill while cooking dinner. 
Wednesday - 45 minutes on the spin bike.  22 rounds of 1 standing hill and 1 recovery.  Good workout.
Friday - I walked downtown with a friend at lunch time.  1.5 miles.
Sunday - 3.5 miles in the morning. It was crisp and cold but not drizzly so it was quite nice. 

Monday - 13,058
Tuesday - 11,131
Wednesday - 10,703
Thursday - 9,749
Friday - 10,168
Saturday - 5,924
Sunday - 12,182
Total - 72,915

Step summary - So even though I didn't get as much formal exercise in, I did manage a respectable number of steps (55 more than the previous week). 

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