Monday, March 31, 2014

Activity 3/24 - 3/30

I took lots and lots of steps this week.  I'd say that most of the week I did a great job just fitting in what I could fit in. 

Monday - 3.6 miles in 1:15.  My wife had been out of town all weekend helping her folks so I told her on the phone that I needed to go for a walk when she got home.  It was lovely to just breathe deeply and be alone for that time.
Tuesday - 2.5 miles in 50 minutes.  It's a combination of lunch time walk to meet a friend, afternoon break walk, and walk with the family and dogs after work. 
Wednesday - Spin biking.  1 hour interrupted: The traditional... Warm up, 10 x 2 minute standing hill 1 minute recovery,warm down, stop, put the kids to bed, lay down with the 6 year old, get up, ride 20 minutes mostly steady seated resistance.
Thursday - Walk 2.55 miles in 55 minutes.  Walked on break at work and also with the family after work. 
Friday - 4.15 miles in 1:15.  I walked on my morning break and then left work early to enjoy being outside. I walked to the store for food for dinner and just barely beat the rain and hail home.
Saturday - 3.65 miles in 1:05.  Early morning walk.  Crisp and clear. 
Sunday - 1.5. mile walk. I woke up all stuffy and with a sore throat.  I took an allergy pill but still felt like crap all day.  Still, I felt too still so I took a 30 minute walk. 

Steps:Monday - 17,123 *
Tuesday - 11,308
Wednesday - 8,296
Thursday - 13,804
Friday - 16,005
Saturday - 16,701
Sunday - 8,451
Total - 91,688 **

* New one day record!
** New one week record!

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