Monday, March 3, 2014

Activity 2/24 - 03/02

I had another good week this week.  I know that my steps were lower than last week but still a good week:

Monday - 60 minute spin while watching our Monday evening silly ABC Family TV shows.  I cranked up the resistance every 2 minutes for 3 separate cycles but still felt like it as a bit blah.
Tuesday - 3 mile walk in 60 minutes.  I got up in the morning to walk with Coach Jeff as he ran 24 hours to raise money for his medical treatment. 
Wednesday - Really good early spin. I watched the end of Food Inc., then a bit of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  I did 15 x 1 minute standing hill/1 minute recovery. Then 5 x 2 minute standing hill /1 seated recovery.
Thursday - I have no memory why I have nothing on the day or what the day looked like...
Friday - 1.6 miles in 28 minutes. I walked to the library to return a book and check a few out over lunch. I was just gorgeous outside.
Saturday - 3.5 miles in 1:05. I went for a walk in the fog and drizzle and it actually felt wonderful. We have a ceramic space heater and I find that when I wake up in the morning I am quite stuffed up.  I had been running the humidifier but then it got warmer and I put it away... 
Sunday - 1.9 miles in 34 minutes. I walked to the store.  I planed to walk both ways but on the way the wind blew and the temperature dropped 20 degrees (no exaggeration) and then it started to rain as I was at the store.  The family came to pick me up and it all turned out for the best because we had company in the afternoon and I could help clean the house.
Sunday #2 - I spun in the evening while watching the Oscars.  The awards shows are not quite the same thing if you haven't seen most of the movies. Still a nice evening.  Between warm up/down I did 20 x 1 minute seated hill and 1 minute recovery.  Wow. My legs burned.

Monday - 6,249
Tuesday - 12,425
Wednesday - 7,871
Thursday - 5,576
Friday - 8,213
Saturday - 11,331
Sunday - 9,955
Total - 61,620

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