Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Blanket

I finished this baby blanket for my friend S last weekend. I would have posted pictures earlier but I'm pretty sure S reads this blog and she's a facebook friend so the pictures have languished in the computer, just waiting for their metaphorical moment in the sun. The pattern consists of 52 (4 rows of 7 motifs and 3 rows of 8 motifs) hexagonal swirly motifs. Making them was quite fun and I never got bored of making them. It was nice after making the large afghan I made this summer to get to work on something so portable. I probably made 10-12 of them before I had the first three rounds of the pattern memorized but the 4-12th rounds were easy from the beginning. Actually, I miscounted and made about 5-6 extra motifs. Finishing the blanket meant whip stitching the rows and then whip stitching the rows together in the psuedo-rectangle and then putting a round of single-crochet (sc) and then a round of chain (skip sc), half double-crochet, repeat around.
The baby shower was last night so here are the pictures!


  1. CJ - Thanks. It was fun to make and less fun to whipstitch. Now I'm making one more like the ones you make.

    DT - Tee hee.