Friday, July 31, 2009

Re-do and re-do and re-do and finally re-do

You remember my post about counting the stitches and needing to tear out all those stitches and try again. Well after three more days, I can only conclude that this blanket is in some sort of Twilight Zone of counting. Tuesday I pulled out all the squares and the double crochet (DC), added three chains (actually I added about six so I'd have extra), then readded 3 more DC, then did a row of squares. Then R and I both counted repeatedly and I had one too many squares. Yes, that's right: I was one short, I added one and then I had one too many. Last night I pulled out the squares (but not the DC) and took out three DC and did three rows of squares and then did the row that should have 3 squares, 27 squares of dc, 3 squares, 27 squares of DC, 3 squares, 27 squares of DC, 3 squares. And I was one long! That end showed 4 squares. I counted, R counted. We both snarled and snorted at the thing. And R said was I regretting not doing the panels but I said no, that I was still sure that when I finally got it right this blanket will look much better all in one piece. And then I pulled all those squares out and took off another square and then put in a row of squares and counted and counted and counted and did two more rows and counted and counted and counted and finally did the 3/27/3/27/3/27/3 row and it came out right! In all I had four failed attempts and got it right on the fifth. I got it done about 10;30 last night under my determination that I would get all the big potentially tangled lump of yarn on the coffee table and that 3/27... row done before going to bed.

Now, if you're trying to picture what I'm talking about, the long picture shows just how wide this blanket will be. That's our dining room table and it's pretty much exactly that long/wide. In the more close-up picture, the bottom row shows that 296 (or maybe 298 or even 293) DC and then are the 3 rows of squares and then one of the 27 squares of DC row.

Now I can make some real progress. And I need to because a few days ago I got some very very exciting news that will require a baby blanket by February. And I know what pattern I want to make but I can't say anymore because it's not my news to share. Tee hee.

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