Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 10 Half Marathon Training Plan

Tuesday - Scheduled 45 minute run.  Actual 4.2 miles in 58 minutes including warm up/down.  I did 3:1 throughout and felt very good and smooth. It was hot even though it was only 5:00 in the morning.
Thursday - Scheduled 45 minute run. Actual 5-6 minutes running. I felt crummy and just decided to walk it.  Very nice walk of 3.51 miles in 58 minutes.
Saturday - Scheduled 10 x 800m repeats in 5:50 goal time.  I was pretty concerned about this workout because 1. I slept very badly Friday night, 2. The last set of 8 x 800m were so hard, and 3. I feel like I'm not working out very well during the week.  Every set of repeats I have done, I have felt like the first x-2 were doable but I've really struggled for the last 2 repeats.  I figured that was just a given.  This week I considered just walking but gave myself a stern talking to and did them anyway.  I am so glad I did.  They went very well (5:09, 5:14, 5:16, 5:19, 5:22, 5:25, 5:28, 5:26, 5:36, 5:30).  Including warm up/down the workout was 6.92 miles in 1:38. 
Sunday - Walked 3.38 miles in 58 minutes.  I knew we would be out of town for a quick trip and didn't want to miss too many days.  It turned out that we walked a decent amount both Sunday and Monday but I still wanted some concrete miles in my day and am glad I did it. 

This week calls for 2 runs and a walk (I already blew off one run but will try to make it up) and then a 15 mile! long slow run on Sunday.  The high temperatures this week are forecasted for low 90s so I'm optimistic that it will make a difference in my running. 

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