Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 12 Half-Marathon Training Plan

Yeah... it was just a crummy a running week as it looks like. I had the blister on one foot that I got during my long run and my bruised toe, arm, and knee.  But a big part of my problem was just feeling overwhelmingly tired and lethargic.  I don't know why. 

So my paltry runs/walks:

Friday - I did not get up in the morning but in the afternoon ChocolateFamily was still at a playdate when I got home so I put on workout clothes as quickly as I could and headed out the door.  I literally had not left our yard when the phone rang with ChocolateWife calling to say that they would be home in a few minutes so I walked to the closest major intersection and back home.  It was about a mile and about 16 minutes. 
Saturday - We had a babysitter in honor of my birthday (today) and I chose to go hiking.  ChocolateWife and I went to Walnut Creek and hiked for about an hour.  We were able to walk through the creek bed for a long time which was sort of cool but also really sad.  Everything in the park is just dead and wilted and it's very sad and scary.  3+ miles in an hour - then we went to lunch.
Sunday - I had 800m repeats scheduled - 12 of them.  Rather than go to the park to use the track, I decided to use the GPS to measure a 1/2 mile strip on the sidewalk/long street near the house.  I walked there and then used my warm-up 1/2 mile run to mark a start line, 1/4 mark, and finish line.  I felt very happy with my times.  My goal by the formula was 5:50 but my slowest was 5:30.  Including warmup/down it was 8.55 miles.  Times (5:06, 5:08, 5:14, 5:06, 5:11, 5:09, 5:19, 5:17, 5:26, 5:18, 5:30, 5:14).

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