Monday, November 7, 2011

Last Week's Runs

Monday - I ran during my lunch hour at work due to scheduling issues at work.  4.22 miles in 53 minutes (12:33 mm) including 5 warm up and 5 warm down.  It was a really nice run with more hills than I'm used to.  It makes me feel like I need to do some lunch time runs when I'm training for my half-marathon next year.
Wednesday - I ran after my training class so it was another day that I could run in daylight.  4.02 in 50 minutes (12:26 mm) plus .70 in 10 minutes walking.  It was 88 degrees so I did a 2:1 ratio.
Thursday - Walked after my training class (in the light again).  3.51 in 58 minutes (16:31).  Wow. It got much colder than I expected.
Sunday - I wanted to either run my long run Saturday and walk Sunday or walk Friday and run Sunday but we ended up working on the floors Friday and Saturday so Sunday was my only run for the weekend.  It rained on me for about the first half.  10.08 miles in 2:14 (13:17 mm).  I did a 1:1 and was pretty happy with the run and the pace.  With about 4 miles to go I got a bit of a twine in my left knee and hip. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

It was really nice to do all my runs in light this week although something went wrong with my headphone jack on my IPod so now the sound is very staticy. 

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