Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I had a pretty low run week last week.  Mostly I was just really tired which I think is due to how hard we pushed to finish up our floor project.  Now that it's done, my weekends should be much more freed up and hopefully I won't be so exhausted when I reach the end of each weekend either. 

Tuesday - 4.4 miles 55 minutes (12:29 mm). That time includes the warm-up/warm-down and a 2:1 interval.  It was very humid.  I did some intervals to try to work on my speed somewhat.
Saturday - 5.49 miles 1:12 (13:06 mm).  I ran to the post office and back.  The time includes 5 minute warm-up/8 minute warm-down and first 3:1 then 2:1.  Not a good run. I felt really run-down and tired throughout. 
Sunday - 6.02 miles 1:46 (17:46 mm walking).  The kids went with me on their bikes and rode for about 2.5 miles before I brought them back home. Then I walked more.  It was quite enjoyable and I wore my #2 shoes. I'd like to rotate them into short runs and walks to save the more expensive shoes.

I'm a few weeks from needing to join up with my HM plan. I could join in on December 10 with a 9 miler or  December 24 (or so) with an 11 miler.  I'll then be on target for my February half.  In the meantime, I need to run 3-4 days a week rather than the 2 days run/1 day walk of last week. 

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