Thursday, December 15, 2011

First (Attempted) Magic Mile

Tuesday I tried to run my first magic mile. I used my phone/RunKeeper which I've done in the past. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and the phone (obviously) could not get an accurate satelliteposition. Why do I say obviously? I was pushing myself pretty hard and in spite of a previous 10:02 magic mile, the phone announced that I had run 1/2 mile in close to 6 minutes and 1 mile in around 13. Clearly that was not accurate. Timing myself against my Nike+ I got 9:40 but it occurred to me that 1. My Nike+ is not always accurate and 2. I didn't know the distance on my Nike+ when I started timing myself. I stopped timing myself when the Nike+ was at 1.52 miles but what did it say when I started? And third... I was running on some hills. They weren't major hills but they were hills.

I need to try the magic mile again. I found out that the track at the university is open so (even though it will be boring), I am going to plan to time myself there next week for an accurate magic mile. Nonetheless... if my magic mile was really 9:40, what would my race pace and finish prediction be? With a magic mile of 9:40, I should do training runs at 13:34 and do my race at 11:36 or 2:31. Wow. I'll be really interested to see about that magic mile and I'd be thrilled to run my HM under 2:35.

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