Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 1 Half-Marathon Training

Training Plan Week:

WeekMonday DateTuesdayThursdayFridaySunday
112/05/201145 min run40 min runeasy walk9 miles

Actual Week:

I had a pretty good running week although I missed one (walking) workout due to scheduling/sickness (more on that).

Tuesday - 4.61 miles 57 minutes (12:17) including walking warm-up/down. 3:1 ratio for about 1/2 time then 2:1 ratio. 37 degrees out. I have found a route near work/University that has some nice hills and a long stretch (.75 miles or so) with no streets to cross. I have to cross one major intersection to get there but that's the tradeoff.
Thursday - 3.98 miles 54 minutes (13:29). This included 20 minutes walking warm-up and five down. I was on a phone call and couldn't start running for a while. The running was at 2:1.
Friday should have included an easy walk but our weekend plans meant I would be doing my Long Slow Run (LSR) Saturday making Friday rest day.
Saturday - 9.5 miles 2:05 (13:09). A really enjoyable LSR at 1:1. It was 45 out so I wore a hat and gloves the entire time. My target by Galloway prediction should have been 14:00/mile but that's not a realistic target. I actually think that would be TOO slow unless I did 40 run/60 walk or something like that. 1:1 at this pace was quite comfortable.
Sunday - I had a sort of vague thought that I'd go for an easy walk sometime between going to volunteer at a race with ChocolateSon and going to shop for gifts with ChocolateWife in the afternoon. Instead the day consisted of the volunteering and both ChocolateKids getting quite stomach fluey and everything that entails.

After I posted my Saturday LSR on dailymile I posted a status update saying that I had run 9 miles and please donate $9 (one for every mile) for my Livestrong Half-marathon. Three friendsFour friends made $25 donations which I really appreciated so I'm not over 50% to my goal.

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