Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tracking my Water

A daily mile friend who is also the Team Livestrong mentor posted recently about needing to monitor her water intake better. I generally think of myself as drinking plenty of water but I also know that I could drink more if I drank less Ice Tea. On a normal day I drink Ice Tea in the morning (I take 14 oz of tea to work) and when it is done, I drink water. Lately I have been drinking tea when I get home and with dinner. The exception is that I don't drink tea within a few hours of a run or before donating blood.

Anyway, the mentor mentioned downloading a free app to track water so I looked at the Android marketplace. I tried a few apps but settled on Drink more Water by Firecracker. I like that there are 6 buttons to click to say you drank water and you can set how much each is worth. I think they defaulted to 4, 8, 12... 24 but I changed them to 2, 4, 6, ... 12. You can customize your goal. You can also add multiple reminders that pop up and say "you have only drank 12 of ... ounces". I set my daily goal as 80 oz but I also decided that if I am not at 64+ oz, I don't get to drink tea at dinner.

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