Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Week's (Paltry) Runs

I ran very little last week.  Excuses range from heavy thunder & lightening to lazy.  I had planned to run this weekend, possibly both days but I think the combination of the dark and rainy days and just not feeling like it did me in. 

Monday - 3.01 miles, 51 minutes (16:56 mm) Lunch time walk.  Rather than getting up and walking at 5:00 when it was 39, I went to work early and walked at lunch. It was 59 and gorgeous.
Tuesday - YaYog Push/Pull workout. 
Thursday - 3.94 miles, 52 minutes (13:11 mm).  Includes warm up/down and nice hills. Again I ran at lunch time.  I concentrated on leveling my pelvis and opening my hips while running. I'd never done the hip focus and felt like it was much smoother and faster.

In spite of the bad week, I'm looking forward to more training for a few reasons. 
  • Officially I'll start my training plan this week.  That means 2 week day runs, 1 week day walk, and the LSR or 800 repeats each weekend. I'll post the plan in the next few days. 
  • I've changed my work hours so that 3 days a week (the days I run and walk) I will go in at 6:30, run at lunch, and go home at the normal time.  Advantages are running in the light, running when it's (theoretically) warmer, and getting to run some hills. 
  • My chances of completing the run 1000 miles in 2011 challenge are pretty much nil but I still think I can finish the run across Texas East to West (941 miles) challenge.  That is my December goal - to finish that challenge.
My Nano is no longer playing music in such a way that I can hear it.  It may play complete static or I can detect a word every 10-15 words. I don't know whether to take it to the Apple store or just give it up.  I feel pretty frustrated that a $150 product would only last 16 months or so.  At the same time, I've found an app that will let you listen to any podcast with a webpage either by streaming it or by downloading it (while you're near wifi) and then listening to the recording later.  I've also got all my music on the Ama zon cloud so theoretically I could listen to the music that way.  So currently the Nano just functions to record my miles with Nike Running.  I may give that up after the new year and just convert completely to daily mile. 

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