Monday, October 31, 2011

Running 10/24 - 10/30

I felt pretty good about last week's runs.  A combination of not being on a training plan and having some more flexible time last week gave me a few medium long runs. 

Monday - I ran in the afternoon because it was really really foggy for most of the morning and I don't like running on the country roads unless I feel like the cars/trucks can see me.  Either from the weird run time (heat) or from the long run the day before, my legs were pretty tired.  3.65 miles in 44 minutes (12:03) 2/1 run/walk ratio.  My warm up and down were 1.15 miles in 18 minutes (15:39).
Tuesday - Walking.  2.96 miles in 48 minutes (16:12).
Thursday - I had extra time because of a dentist appointment. So I actually slept an hour later than usual and then ran.  Depending on whether I believe the Nike+ or Gmaps-pedometer, I ran 6.55 miles in 1:11 (10:55).  Or perhaps I ran 5.6 miles in 1:11.  Or somewhere in between.  My walking warm up/down was .48 in about 9 minutes.  After a few miles, I felt really good and smooth.  It was starting to not feel like hard work at all.
Saturday - I ran in the afternoon after we worked on the floors and could really feel it.  My legs were sore and tired.  Still, I ran 7.37 in 1:37 (13:09) including my warm-up and down.  I tried 3:1 then 2:1 and then settled in at 1:1.  Even though I was very sore and tired, it started to feel quite smooth toward the middle and end. 

According to Nike+, my week (which goes Sunday - Saturday) had me running 29.92 miles. I would have gone another .08 miles had I realized but still, that's a good mark for me. 

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