Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Week's Runs

Last week consisted of good runs on the days that I ran.  I just wish I had run more days.  Or walked. 

Tuesday - 4.74 miles 58 minutes (12:13 mm).  A good run in very strong wind.  I used 3:1 ratio run/walk.
Thursday - I separated my running and walking to see my running pace.  The warm up/down was .52 miles in 13 minutes (25 mm).  My running was 4.0 miles in 44 minutes (11:00).  I used a 3:1 ratio and felt really good and relaxed.  I was shooting for under a 12:00 pace and when I hit the button on my watch I read it as just over 48 minutes and thought I had missed the pace. It wasn't until I put it into daily mile and thought I entered it wrong that I realized it was 11:00 mm.  I'm very happy with that pace for 4 miles.
Sunday - 9.3 miles 120 minutes (12:54 mm).  I'm at my in-laws' for the weekend. The pace includes a warm up and down and 1:1 ratio.  I found a county road that runs about 2 miles each direction with very nice hills.  It's pretty constant up or down so it gave me some nice hill work that I don't get at home. 

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