Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Brother Blanket Finished

This weekend I finished the big brother blanket for my co-worker's son. This is the brother of the baby getting this blanket. I usually like to make a big brother/sister blanket for the older sibling(s) so they don't feel left out. I make them a more freestyle and brighter blanket than the baby blankets. I usually also use tougher yarn. This one is 4 skeins of the rainbow RedHeart and 1 skein of the blue that matches the blue in the rainbow. I used a 3 row v-stitch divided by 1 row of 3 in one shells. I probably made it about 4 inches longer than I needed to make it but I wasn't going to tear any out once I checked the size. When we had decided it was long enough, I did 1 row of single crochet with the blue. As I did the final corner stitch, I literally had about an inch and a half left so I could sew in that woogie. No left-over and exactly enough blue. I have about enough rainbow left for 1/3 of a hat but I use a lot of rainbow so I'm not worried about it.

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