Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I feel so much better than I did a week ago about my runs and my run distance. My runs last week:

Tuesday - Scheduled 6.0 miles. Actual 5.63. 1:03. 11.07/mile. I took my new phone and used IMapmyRun to find out the distance of my run. It's a route I do pretty frequently in the mornings and I believed it was between 5 and 5.25 miles. Turns out it's 5.63 miles so I'm right about where I thought and I was able to calibrate my nike+ better. The temperature was 34 when I started and when I finished which is pretty near my limit but I felt comfortable.

Friday - Thursday was supposed to be a 6.0 mile run. This was 4.88 to make up for it. 53:13. 10:54/mile. On the treadmill so boring and slow. It could have been a little longer but I'll believe the treadmill distance.

Sunday - Saturday was supposed to be a 8.0 mile run. I did it on Sunday. 1:32:33. 10:53/mile. I love the way the graphic evens out your walk/run periods if the run is long enough. This looks like I just ran a steady speed as opposed to 5 run/1 walk the entire way. ChocolateSon always loves the end part where I "fall off a cliff." Really, it just takes me a few seconds of standing there trying to stop the sensor or calibrating to the phone or whatever. Speaking of calibrating, at the end of the run, the phone said 8.48 and the nike+ said 8.24. I brought the Nike+ up to the phone but I feel they're really reliable now.
I feel pretty good and excited and terrified about the half-marathon in less than a week. I don't think I'll fall over dead or anything but it will be a real challenge. My sister and her family are coming to town to cheer for me which is awesome. And I know my brother and family are going to as well. He just texted me to get my bib # so he can follow me on his IPhone too. I don't know whether I feel "ready" but maybe I never will. I think mostly I'm worried about logistics: sleeping well, getting up at the right time, dressing right, what to eat and when, how to carry what I want, etc.
I raised $788 for Livestrong which is over my original mental goal of $750 and over the required $500. I feel good about that. There are a few people who either said they were going to donate and never did or who didn't donate and I expected them to. My oldest sister made no donation in spite of the fact that I donated to a charitable run for her in November and that she and I sat together with our mother as she died of cancer. You'd think that would sort of make it an important cause. Still, I know that it's not that she doesn't want to donate. She's just sort of forgetful and a person who doesn't follow-through.
Wow. 6 days away.

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