Monday, February 28, 2011

Recovery Week Runs

Last week I took it pretty easy, partially because my legs were really tired.
Sunday - The Half-Marathon! My Nike+ read only 11.64 and I didn't get it calibrated between the sun and exhaustion and stepping around people. Obviously I ran at least 13.1. I read that the average marathoner runs an extra .75 miles in a marathon from going around people or not taking the absolute shortest route around a corner. I could believe that I ran an extra .4 for 13.5. Oh, and 2:50:24 was the official time.
Monday - We took the kids out on a balance bike ride/ walk. It was about 1.25 miles but I upped the calibration trying to get credit for the distance of the Half during the month.
Tuesday - 3.08 miles. 43:08. Really I run/walked 30 minutes and then walked 15. I realized immediately that it was a mistake because my legs were just so tired.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - Slept.
Saturday - 5.82. 1:06:06. 11:21/mile. Again my legs were tired. I ran/walked about 40 minutes, then walked the rest of the way. Considering the amount of walking I'm stunned at the speed but I used my GPS so I know the mileage is right.
I also started walking the stairs at work like my co-worker suggested. I've been taking them first thing in the morning and then again later if I have time when going to the restroom or anything. Tuesday - Friday I did 7, 5, 7, 5 flights so 24 for the week.

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