Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Afternoon Musings

  • Multiple people are asking me if I've lost weight/am losing weight. The scale says no but some days my clothes say yes and when I tell them that, they all say "Oh you are!" so I should probably feel good about that. I saw the homeopath the other day and the first thing she asked was had I lost weight. She felt like my face seemed thinner. I've always thought my face was about the last damn place I need to lose weight having a pretty pointy face to begin with.
  • This morning I went to get my smaller slacks from the closet and try those on. I didn't find the ones I was thinking of but did find some I had forgotten about. They seem to be in between current size and smaller size. (God, how many sizes are in my closet!???). I think they look nice and they have actual pockets. You know, like more than the first knuckle of my fingers fit in the pockets so I can put money or even my keys in there?
  • I may or may not be having allergies or perhaps I may or may not be getting a cold. I don't know. I woke up Wednesday with a sore throat, worse Thursday, better (mostly) today. I'm torn between desperately wanting to run and wanting to fall into a coma on a moment-by-moment basis. We'll see which I do this weekend.
  • I'm now in the dreadful state of being between training plans. I suck at being between training plans. I also suck at being Zen about being between training plans. I keep looking at training plans anyway. I installed the Runner's world Smart Coach for my Android today and put in that I'm training for a half-marathon 16 weeks from now even though I'm not just to have a plan on my phone. I got a book (Run Less, Run Faster) and I like their approach to training. But I seem to be between their plans. So they have plans for folks who run very very fast marathons (2:45) to people who run a 2:30 half-marathon. Well my last (and first) (which is very different from my first and last) half-marathon was 2:50 so I don't fit that plan is too fast for me but I'm way past their beginner programs that are like "walk 10 minutes, run 12, walk 10...". I may go out and sort of push myself to a 5K to see if I can get a time that's in the training table. If not, that needs to be my next goal I guess.
I wonder what the weekend will hold.

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