Monday, March 28, 2011


I had a better running week this week than last. I am following that beginner program and it is going well.

Sunday - 3.37 miles, 53:11 minutes. The program called for a 10 minute warm-up, then 4 x 3 run, 1 walk, then 10 minute walk. I've been walking longer than that at the end.

Tuesday - 2.89 miles, 43:37 minutes. Same pattern as Sunday. Also, my Nike+ mileage matched my Phone/GPS/Map my run mileage exactly. To the 1/100th of a mile.

Wednesday - I took a > 1 mile walk at lunch at work. I wasn't wearing the Nike+ but did have my phone.

Thursday - 3.1 miles, 46:12 minutes. Same pattern as Sunday & Tuesday. This should have been the last one but I realized afterwards that it should have increased to 5x rather than staying at 4x.

Saturday - 4.54 miles, 1:09 minutes. 10 walk, 5x 3Run 1 Walk, remainder walking.

I also walked about 35 flights of stairs at work this week, did the leg exercises from the running book about 3-4 evenings this week and did abs/crunches about 4-5 evenings. I can tell a difference in how my legs feel from the leg exercises already.

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