Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Week's Running

I again had a better week running last week. My biggest barrier right now is that ChocolateDaughter is sick with horrible allergies and she's up for at least a portion of every night. Once she wakes up coughing or itching or both she doesn't want to go back to sleep in our room which she says is too dark. Usually R takes her out in the living room but sometimes I do and I usually wake up when the shower is on or when ChocolateDaughter is coughing and restless. Of course, it would kind of suck for me to complain that my lack of sleep is keeping me from running when R is way more sleep deprived than I am. Monday - 3.29 miles, 49 minutes. W10, (R4, W2) x 4, W 15. Monday (lunch walk) - 2.91 miles, 55 minutes. I needed to work until later so I took a long lunch and walked around downtown checking in at lots of spots on Gowalla like a tourist. Tuesday - did the leg exercises (x2) and abs. Thursday - 3.53 miles, 52 minutes. W10, (R4, W2) x 4, W 18. Saturday - leg exercises and abs. Sunday - 5.59 miles, 1:26. W10, (R4, W2) x5, W rest. This should have been (R4 W1)x 4 (or maybe 5) but I didn't double-check the plan before heading out. I logged around 45 miles in March which is a pretty low level for me. My 2011 miles are around 200 so that's not terrible but I would like to be logging more. I'm less than 100 miles from my next level (blue) so that's exciting.

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