Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I already described Sunday's run in last week's post. But the rest of the week went like this:
Monday - 56 minutes, 3.58 miles. Walk 10 minutes, run 1 mile, walk 5 minutes, R 3 W 3 R 6 W 1 R 6 W 11. It should have been walk a mile, walk 5 minutes, then 3 repeats of R 6 W 1. It was definitely a day when my mind was telling me that I couldn't do the 6 minutes. I had to spend about 3 minutes telling it to shut up.
Thursday - 61 minutes. 4.16 miles. Walk 10 minutes, Run 1 mile, Walk 5 minutes (R 6 minutes, W 1 minute) x3, Walk 12 minutes.
Friday - 68 minutes. 4.1 miles. Walk 10 minutes, Run 1 mile, Walk 5 minutes, Run .7 miles (should have been 1 miles), Walk the rest. I went for a trail run in the hot (around 90-92 degrees) and had a lot of trouble with it. I also really felt like I need to get some trail shoes.

My foam roller came on Friday afternoon. It's quite awesomely brutal. It feels wonderful on my back, great on my legs (mostly), and torturous on my IT bands. I never thought I had much tightness on my IT band but it's so hard to use there. Ouch.

Saturday I went and tried on a pair of New Balance Minimus Trail shoes. They felt great. They were like wearing a pair of slippers. Still, I balk at the $99.95 price tag (both MSRP and the price at the "outlet" where I tried them on). Do I really want to pay $99.95 for a pair of shoes that I can only wear when running trails? They're not a road shoe and I do most of my running on the road. I left without getting them. I may end up going and getting a Trail Shoe but not the Minimus ones. There are some pretty decent feeling trail shoes at Academy in the $49-$69 price range. We'll see...

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