Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I had a better week running last week but still feel like I'd like to be getting out there more. The baby keeps being sick and coughing and no one is sleeping well. We've had a few nights where everyone slept well but not many. Still, that's an excuse.
Tuesday - 3.61 miles. 51 minutes. Walked 10, (R4 W1)x6 Walked 11.

Friday - 3.91 miles. 54:48. Walked 10 (R4 W1)x6 Walked 14.

Saturday - 4.78 miles. 68 minutes. Walked 10 (R5 W1) x 5 Walked the rest.

Saturday - Friday ChocolateSon had told me that he wanted to run with me Saturday so when I left the park, I texted ChocolateWife and said that I was leaving if he wanted to run. He was waiting for me when I pulled up and off we went. We ran 1.86 miles in just under 30 minutes and most of it was running. It was the most excited he has been about running in probably 9 months or a year. I loved it and we had a great time together.
I've kept to my schedule with my leg exercises and crunches. ChocolateDaughter loves to help me do my crunches and she does some as well. She also likes to count for me when I do my leg exercises. I feel like I'm losing some size if not pounds. My clothes are fitting looser and I just feel like I'm improving my fitness.

ChocolateWife is getting more and more clients which is pretty wonderful in terms of our finances although it doesn't do much for our seeing each other. But one thing I makes me wonder is if I want to get a cardio machine of some sort for the house. Once I get the kids to bed, I could do a workout if I had something. Of course, I could also do some plyometrics or yoga I guess. I'm waiting and considering on it. So far we haven't really seen a huge increase in the income but ChocolateWife really wants to get a new lawnmower and tablet PC for herself and one for ChocolateSon to do his school work on so I'm hesitant to buy something right off (even from Craigslist).

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