Monday, March 7, 2011


Another pretty skant week running.

Sunday - Taking the kids for a balance bike ride. 1.26 miles. That's just walking.

Monday - 4.83 miles. 58:14 minutes. 12:30/mile. Ok run.

Wednesday - 4.8 miles (totally guessing distance) 55:11 11:30/mile. A nice run at the lake in the afternoon after an appointment with the homeopath.

Wednesday (take 2) - Took the kids for a balance bike ride. While they played at the school, I walked in circles around the play yard. 2.33 miles.

From then on my running (or lack thereof) was governed by my cough. Dumb cough. I saw the homeopath and she gave me some stuff for immune support and allergies. I hope that works well and quickly.

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