Monday, March 21, 2011

Starting Over

I feel very much like I'm starting over running. I've lost nearly all of my fitness or stamina since the half-marathon. After my run Friday I decided to find a couch to 5K or couch to 10K plan. I took the beginner one from the book I recently read Run Less, Run Faster and looked at the times and decided to skip the first 3 weeks. That would mean that this week my runs will be 10 walk, 3 run 1 walk (x4), and 10 walk. Yesterday I decided to do the last workout of the prior week (should have been 10 walk, 3 run 2 walk (x4), and 10 walk. I started and wanted to push myself to do the 3/1 and did. But it was just shockingly hard for me. My HR was up in the high 170s or mid 180s for each running segment. It's crazy. I mean I ran/walked a half-marathon a month ago! Literally one month ago! My legs don't feel that tired but it's hard to get my breath when running.

In other news, I got new running shoes and 2 new pairs of running shorts yesterday. I took both kids with me to Academy which generally is a terrible idea but I wanted to give R a break. I planned to get the same shoes so we sort of rushed to that section, found the same shoes, tried them on super fast, took 3-4 steps and noticed that they slipped somewhat but figured they just needed broken in. Then we grabbed some shorts, piled into the very ad hoc dressing rooms (I guess Academy is remodeling), tried them on, and decided on two pairs. We paid and got out of them and I praised the kids up and down about their wonderful behavior and cooperation. Later I took the laces out and had the shoes and box sitting on the counter when my wife said, "why did you get Wide?" Huh? Wide? I would never get Wide… my feet are super nar… oh. Well hell. Later the entire family needed to go to the yarn store so I ran into Academy, traded the shoes for the same size but not wide and didn't even try them on. I tried them on at home and they're fine.

In other other news. The Run Less, Run Faster book has a 5 exercise series that they recommend for runners. I did 4/5 of them (couldn't figure out how to get into the stability ball-push-up position without breaking my neck) while the kids were watching Sound of Music Saturday. I'm still sore so I'll do them again tonight. It's like a 10-15 minute series plus I've been doing 5 minutes of abs 4 days a week or so.

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