Monday, April 1, 2013

Training 03/25 - 03/31

I've been using RunKeeper for my exercise logging and not daily mile.  I'll tell you what: it is not as summary-friendly as DailyMile.  According to RunKeeper, I walked 14.5 miles and it's not easy to see how much on which days or how many days of walking that included.  I'm going to go back to using DailyMile in addition to RunKeeper. I use RunKeeper for 2 reasons: I can track my miles on the GPS and it links to Earndit. 


I don't have my day by day breakdowns but according to RunKeeper, I walked 14.5 miles last week.  That seems low but I can only believe it.  On Friday and Sunday when I walked, I actually did a few minutes of running.  Both days I basically did 1 minute run, 2 minutes walk.  I took it very easy.  What's amazing is that usually in an hour of walking I burn about 450 calories.  Sunday I did 1 minute run/2 minutes walk for 40 minutes so about 13 minutes or running. Instead of 450 calories, I burned 832.  I continued with my stretching and did some core work this week. 

I have nearly finished my Mind Masters Journey program. All I have left to do is the written/journal exercise for day 21.  At the end of the program it did turn into a lot of steps and calorie counting and exercise tracking and all that stuff but I think what makes it different is having the ability to address the habits in a new way and not get discouraged. 

So my weight is 170 now and the goal of my Mind Master Journey is to weigh 150.  I don't have a timeline on that but that's the goal...

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