Monday, May 20, 2013

Activity 05/13 - 05/19

Yeah... that's what it looks like.  Let's detail:

Monday - Walked 3.15 in 1:00 during lunch. I came in early to take an hour lunch but it is getting too hot to do that until Fall.
Tuesday - Core Work - 30 minutes.  A good session. I was home with the kids all day and all evening. That's very unusual for our family. I think it may be the first time ever in fact that I've had both kids for 12+ hours.  ChocolateWife had a conference, we met her for dinner, and then she saw clients in the evening.  So there was no chance to do any other exercise.
Wednesday/Thursday - I woke up Wednesday feeling crummy with some sort of stomach bug, went work, worked 2 hours and came home. Spent the rest of Wednesday and all Thursday at home eating a lot of starches which were the only thing that sounded/felt ok and hanging out. 
Sunday - 4.5 in 1:25 hiking/running. Finally felt back to normal.  I went for a hike/run at Walnut Creek Park.  It was very humid and I was just enjoying being out and burning some calories.  Did 2:00 walking/1:00 running. 

167.6.  I gained 1.8 pounds this week which doesn't surprise me at all.  The carbs/no working out combination is doom to losing weight.  I'm ready to get back on target though. 

Monday - 13,247
Tuesday - 8,272
Wednesday - 1,530
Thursday - 4,638
Friday - 4,556
Saturday - 7,455
Sunday - 15,786

Total: 55,484

Also, I bought a used Treadmill on C r a i g s l i s t.  It was $100 and the guy actually brought it over in his car because I would have had to go home and take out the car seats from mine.  It's in the garage and I bought an extension cord.  Basically I want to have more flexibility to fit in a run or even just 20 minutes of walking when leaving the house isn't an option. 

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