Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Update

I don't have a lot of exercise to report.

Sunday - Cycling 12.73 in 1:05.  I went for a very easy ride and my HRM didn't pick up a signal.  After about 55, I stopped at the store to get a few items and then rode home.  Later I did some stretching and a plank.

I saw my doctor on Wednesday and she diagnosed Achilles Tendinitis.  I'm not surprised by the diagnosis.  She gave me a scrip for a stronger/safer NSAID that she said I can take for a month without even starting to have liver or kidney damage and is getting me a referral to a podiatrist.  When I asked about cycling her answer was that it would be better than walking/running but not as good as swimming.

This week I'd like to fit in more cycling and also do some core work.  My weight at the doctor was 173 but that included slacks, blouse, shoes, belt, etc. so I'd say 170-171.  At least it's down a few from my all time high last month.  Still, I'd like to get the needle moving back into the 160s and lower.

Oh. And I went to donate platelets on Friday afternoon but my Crit/Iron was only 37 so I couldn't donate.  I'll try again when I'm on vacation next week.

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